Yesterday I drove from just east of Dallas along I-30 to Texarkana then through Arkansas, down into Louisiana, back up into Arkansas and then across the Mississippi into the small city of Cleveland in the Mississippi Delta where I’ll be based for the next week or so.

Tomorrow I’m off to paddle a big canoe down the wilds of the Mississippi River…

East Texas foggy morning along I-30
East Texas foggy morning along I-30

Interstates are good to drive along for a short time – but you soon get sick of wrestling with massive trucks and then you know it is time to hit the local and State roads for a while.

En route I passed through Fate, Texas and had lunch in Hope, Arkansas – notable only for the fact that President Bill Clinton was born there. I doubt that he has had much reason to get back there in a while.

Here are some quick shots of things I saw along the way…

"Fatality accident" 1
West Arkansas "fatality accident" 1

I came across these “fatality accident” markers within a few miles of each other along a backroad. Those of you familiar with my earlier posts on Australian roadside markers will know of my fondness for such dedications to the dead.

West Arkansas "fatality accident" 2
West Arkansas "fatality accident" 2

And there were a lot of local election signs along the in Arkansas and Louisiana – though not so many in Mississippi for some reason not yet clear to me – this one caught my eye…

East TexasSenate poster
Vote for Jim - and his gun!

And here are a “coupla chuches” – as they say down here – that I found along the backroads of Louisiana…

The "Holy Ghost Disturbed Church", Bastrop, Louisiana
The "Holy Ghost Disturbed Church", Bonita, Louisiana

Disturbed Church

And this Church for the “All-Around Cowboy” is on Local 52 between Wilmot and Indian in the south-eastern corner of Alabama…

"All Around Cowboy Church" - "Come as you are"
"All Around Cowboy Church" - "Come as you are"

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