May 17, 2010

First Dog takes a day off so here is a cartoon about the footy

Griff is out and we might end up 4 and 4!

First Dog On The Moon

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38 thoughts on “First Dog takes a day off so here is a cartoon about the footy

  1. drovers cat

    And I give a shit about AFL because … ?
    Leave it on your sports blog, dog. If you want a day orf, just ask for it rather than deliver this parochial crap.

    Disappointed of outside Victoria

  2. wyane

    FD, why do you support a team from Western Australia?

    Signed, a probably ignorant and possibly disinterested NSWelshie.

  3. Ern Malleys cat

    I’m not from Victoria too, and I think these comments are hilarious. Everyone knows the Bulldogs are from Canterbury.
    What’s your take on Julia Gillard having to hose down speculation of a challenge to Barry?
    And I’ve heard of tuck shops not big enough to fit a pie-warmer, but one smaller than a bag of Twisties?! Wait ’til the Oz sees this.

  4. paddy

    Now then Drover’s pussy.
    Let’s not lose sight of the *true* nature of the dog’s epic fail here.

    The Dogs were playing at Manuka oval in Canberra.
    It’s a tiny ground with loads of opportunities for meeting and greeting.
    Everybody (and their dog) knows that a certain No1 ticket holder will be at the match.
    There’ll be heaps of media coverage, with countless “magic moments” where a *media savvy* political cartoonist could *GET HIS UGLY DIAL ON THE TV WITH THE POWERFOX*. (hint!)
    I mean really…..
    If the bloody dog can’t follow his editor and get his head on channel 10.
    Then what’s the world coming to?
    Jasper will be right pissed off with a certain FD this morning. 🙂 🙂

  5. zut alors

    Mr Onthemoon, I see the New! Improved! authentic Jasper has made his debut – now the correct colour & size. Did they make you promise to draw him lifelike before the security guards would release you from the grounds of The Lodge?

    I reckon you should shout even louder when the footy is on TV to give a taste of their own medicine back to the neighbours’ little barking dogs.

    That’s a ripper about the Bulldogs being from WA, yowser.

  6. Holden Back

    Where was the fart joke?

  7. Holden Back

    Surely they are the Western Civilization Bulldogs?

  8. Mike Jones

    Good enough for the Dog to have a day off .

    Here’s one of my old comments on boat people……… I’m having a day off too.

    No doubt Jessica W is a very special young woman, but I couldn’t help feel that we were all being pretty well stage managed to maximum benefit of her tribe. From dawdling up the coast to arrive on a Saturday, to the pre-packaged 60 Minutes piece.

    I think, as far as boat people go, Australia has very strict ideas about what is acceptable in the hull of the boat.

    As taxpayers we spent almost as much rescuing Tony Bullimore (was it twice ? – or was that Isobel Autissier) as we do keeping people from boats with low-tech hulls out.

    Next load of Afghani asylum seekers should come in a Ben Lexcen boat – they’d be welcomed, on winged keel.

  9. michael matusik


    what pearls you are spreading at present

    last week it was “pin dick”, today it is “as important as twisties in a tuckshop” and even the gag about not talking to you “unless your team is six goals up” resonates well with me

    it is sad but obviously true that a trip every now and then to canberra works wonders on one’s soul – it should, as it is one souless place

    but regardless of the pain, please continue your trips to our nations capital

    keep the pearls of wisdom coming

  10. Andy Royal

    One thing I cannot stand in a canine cartoonist is blatant bias!
    Hey Dog, I am going to start an appeal to pay for cartooning lessons for Wayne Swan who will then be called on to replace you and start drawing proper, swanny cartoons where dogs get pecked to pieces and pooped on from great heights by a flight of graceful large white birds (with little red Opera House bits on their chests). That’ll teach those nasty dogs for taking advantage of our cast off coaches and pugilists.
    And you can tell my nephew, Andrew Crook, that I am REALLY pee’d off about your dog-biased cartooning.
    Wouldn’t mind betting he’ll arrange for your kennel to be relocated outside in the cold and wet of Melbourne’s winter. It’ll serve you right!

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