Holidays are a BIG DEAL in my family. My parents ran their own successful and stressful business for many years and therefore holidays were looked forward to for months in advance and now my dad says he can usually only remember the years by the holiday we went on that year. 1993? No, that wasn’t the year my little brother was born, it was when we went to New Zealand. 2002? Not my sister’s first year of university, but the year we went to Vanuatu.

And now there’s a lovely tradition I’ve picked up from both my parents to make your computer desktop background somewhere nice that you have been on holiday. So therefore, whenever you’re busy at work and doing late nights and have sore shoulders from typing, you can have a little look at your background, remember the nice times and start dreaming about where your next holiday will be.

My dad loves sailing, so his is of his boat on the Whitsundays:

Whitsundays 2008 071

For a long time after I lived in Spain, I had this beautiful picture of the view from my favourite tea house in Granada as my background:


Then, in anticipation (and afterwards, for the fun of remembering) of a holiday to the Big Apple, I have had this picture — which I took several years ago — taken at the Rockefeller Centre in New York as my background.

new york

But that holiday was way back in November, and I need a new image to get inspired by. I’m hoping to do a relaxed South East Asia beach and a dash of adventure holiday this year. Anyone got suggestions of beautiful holiday images or care to share their own method of getting some travel inspiration while sitting at the desk banging out their work?