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May 10, 2010


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57 thoughts on “We need a staunch champion of decency!

  1. Tom Heeren

    Tony’s oldfella is now a temperature gauge, whatever next?

  2. Buzz

    Decaf latte? That’s sooo last decade! The drink of choice for us leftie greenie hypocrites now is a low-fat soy chai latte, in a take-away styrofoam cup.

  3. X Ray

    Bonus points for whoever can spot at least two Dad’s Army references…?

  4. zut alors

    Nice one, First Dog. Australia looks uneasy in frame 4, you have captured our mood.

    Incidentally, why is the heroic gerbil sporting a mask – is ‘Roger’ an alias?

  5. Socratease

    ^ There’s the obvious favourite saying of Corporal Jones in reference to his time in the Sudan, but I can’t spot another.

  6. Mike Jones

    X-RAY – it was the cold steel that they don’t like up them, speaking of which,

    Zut, not only is Roger a gerbil, he’s a transitive verb. Think of him as a doing word.

    I’m buggered if I can spot any more Dad’s Army references – but then there’s a lot of that going on in this toon.

  7. paddy

    I get frightened when you stop telling jokes FD.

  8. John

    Who told Miranda about gerbils?
    Has she been reading gay porn?
    Is that her fantasy?

  9. zut alors


    I’d twigged that Roger was a verb but, in the polite company of a quiet Monday in the Dogonaut Lounge, decided to keep this to myself. It’s a great verb.

  10. Simon Rumble

    Simply Devine.

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