Fin meltdown complete. The Australian Financial Review received formal resignations last night from deputy editor Brett Clegg, Clegg's wife and news editor Annabel Hepworth and Melbourne bureau chief Damon Kitney, as Crikey reported on Wednesday. The appointments will be trumpeted in tomorrow's Weekend Australian, with editor-in-chief Chris Mitchell said to be proud as punch. "Send me your pay slip and I'll match it," Mitchell reportedly boomed, after rumours of the trio's discontent gathered pace. At their new digs at The Oz, Clegg will become 'deputy editor (business)', Hepworth senior business writer and Kitney Victorian business editor.

Insiders have reported chaos inside The Fin's Pyrmont offices this morning, with Fairfax CEO Brian McCarthy planning to personally address the remaining staff to express his "confidence" in editor-in-chief Glenn Burge. Newsroom snouts have told Crikey Burge has been locked in his office in desperate conversations with the Fairfax board. Chairman Roger Corbett reportedly made a personal plea for Clegg to stay, but by then it was too late -- the relationship with Burge, who in happier times was anointed the godfather of Clegg and Hepworth's daughter, had turned toxic.