In case you missed it, Malcolm Turnbull slipped in through the back door this past Saturday, while everyone else was preoccupied with the Henry review, he announced that he’d recontest Wentworth after all.
A quick read over Turnbull’s website reveals — apart from the fact that Mellie the dog hasn’t updated her blog since December — a variety of reactions to Turnbull’s return, mostly positive, and many along these lines:

Congratulations on deciding to re-nominate. Politics is short on public intellectuals so hang in there (but be patient!). If any more vindication of your decision is needed then it is given in the article by Tony Wright “Hardest task is put on ice“… The Age, May 1. Some years ago I refused to renew my membership of the Liberal Party as a protest at Howard’s Iraq adventure. On Friday I received a letter from the Victorian branch asking me to rejoin — now that you are staying I will do just that!

Let’s not make Malcolm a martyr — he’s far from perfect.

But between Penny Wong’s talking points and Nick Minchin’s “Climategate” references on Q&A last night, we began to hanker for a time when there was such a thing as halfway sensible dialogue over, well, lots of issues, really. Abbott and co may be cutting through at the moment, just ask Newspoll, but in the meantime, Rudd continues to neuter any kind of policy that will give the coalition room to run a scare campaign. Which doesn’t leave much.

So welcome back Mr Turnbull, we’ll be watching you on Twitter with interest …

Peter Fray

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