This Sunday night is Australian televisions night of nights. It is termed this simply because we have no other known industry awards. The Logie Awards. The very name connotes a sense of disrespect and disinterest. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are in fact ways to make the Logies exciting.

I’ll admit it. Until last year, I had no passion at all for the Logies. The awards don’t convey any sense of respect, there’s very little understanding of who most of the people at the awards are, and it remains a mystery as to who even votes for them. Until the 2009 Logies, it was just tiresome each year sitting on the couch, snarking to myself. It all changed with Twitter. Suddenly, snarks from right across Australia could come together via a hashtag and slag out on the show in real time. And it wasn’t just us playing the game at home. From inside the awards, folks like Wil Anderson were firing out some gold Twitter snarks.

Finally, The Logies have become engaging. This Sunday night, make sure you sit back on the couch with your laptop, imported iPad (lucky devils), or mobile Twittering devices and engage with Australia. Bitching about the Logies is no longer confined to the next morning at work.

Logie’s engagement doesn’t just have to be restricted to Twitter. Crikey will be live-blogging the event. Alternatively, those of you in Brisbane can listen to myself and the lads from Televised Revolution on 4ZZZ (102.1fm) as we do a live call of the Logies (think Roy & HG calling the football, or Terry Wogan doing Eurovision). I’ll make sure that web-streaming audio/video details are up on White Noise just prior to the broadcast.

The 2010 Logies – lets try and get through them together.