Crikey intern Patrick Tombola writes:

No point mourning the premature death of ETS at the hands of the Rudd Government. As First Dog pointed out in his cartoon, its fate was doomed a long time before Wednesday’s announcement. The pressing question climate campaigners are asking themselves is: where do we go now that politics have failed us miserably?

The 100% Renewable Community Campaign has started the ball rolling by calling on all concerned citizens and disappointed voters to demonstrate their support for a carbon neutral future this Sunday 2nd May. People will be asked to take a photo of themselves holding placards reading “Support 100% Renewable energy” next to a sign of their own city or suburb and invite local media along.

Lindsay Soutar, 100% Renewable Campaign spokesperson, believes this grassroots movement has the potential shake up the stale world of Canberra’s politics. “We know the community supports a shift to clean energy so we are launching this new campaign to mobilise public concern in the lead up to the federal election,” she told Crikey.

Far from being a one-off event aimed at cleaning our carbon dirty consciences, the campaign will follow up Sunday’s occasion with a national community survey on renewable energy. The results will then be published and handed over to the Government in an effort to highlight the huge public support the issue has despite the unwillingness of the Government to play a leadership role.

Will it work?