Apr 28, 2010

World Championship Chess: Sofia erupts as the games begin

The World Chess Championships have started, and Ian Rogers, Australia's first Grandmaster, is in Sofia watching the action. Defending champion Viswanathan Anand is competing against local hero Veselin Topalov in the Bulgarian capital. It's chess at its finest.

After an epic journey featuring volcanoes and hobbits, on Saturday night World Chess Champion Viswanathan Anand sat down to defend his world chess title against challenger and local hero Veselin Topalov in the Bulgarian capital Sofia.


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8 thoughts on “World Championship Chess: Sofia erupts as the games begin

  1. Eponymous

    This is excellent. I want to see more reporting of top level chess. Shame I don’t understand the code at the bottom. A personal failing more than anything else.

  2. ninetenthsofthelaw

    I too would like to see more Chess reporting!

    Regarding the chess notation, you can swot up here eponymous

  3. JerryKan

    I agree. I don’t claim to know a lot about chess, or even play that much, but these articles are fantastic. I really enjoyed the coverage from last year, and I hope you keep them coming.

  4. Graeme Orr

    Great to see some serious chess reporting in Australia!

    Can GM Rogers expand on why he’s so confident Vishy won’t come out on top? Anand’s already bounced back; the unfortunate farce of his journey to Sofia will fade; and isn’t chess one pursuit where, despite being intensely psychological, home ‘ground’ advantage is of limited value ? (Else why, money aside, was Sofia chosen?) Topalov certainly has the advantage of kicking off with white first, and modern chess is far less draw-prone than in duller days in the mid of last century. Topalov’s first day win, thumping though it was, was fortunate in the sense that it was programmed, once Anand fell into the trap.

    ps why the screen captures from Kamsky v Topalov?

  5. Gary Johnson

    Great story!!!…really appreciate the Chess coverage. I still think Anand will get there…3D chess is cool too.

  6. Leigh Josey

    Hi Graeme — my bad.

    Correct youtube videos of Games 1 and 2 are now up.


  7. Leigh Josey

    Oh .. and Ian Rogers will be writing for Crikey all through the Chess Championships. Enjoy!

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