The internet has been buzzing over the antics of US music critic Chris Weingarten, again. Last year, he volubly announced at a Twitter conference that the internet was killing music journalism and to prove his point, he launched on a one-man mission to review 1000 albums on Twitter (in 140 characters or less) just to prove it could be done. This seemed a strange move: like kissing Prince Charles on both cheeks to prove you really don’t like him. For example, his Twitter review of Alicia Keys’ The Elements of Freedom read:
@1000TimesYes Vintage Whitney-style ballads -- even though the Beyoncé rip is the best track #6
It describes, sure, but doesn’t give a single insight into the music whatsoever. But perhaps that was Weingarten’s point, to show up the transparency of the internet’s approach to "first-past-the-post" music journalism. My knee-jerk reaction to watching the newest video of Weingarten was to think of the Comic Book Guy from The Simpsons -- the overweight 40-year-old balding virgin who runs the comic book store in Springfield, an archetypal elitist snob who delights in making heavily sarcastic comments at the eight-year-olds who come frequent his shop.


There’s something about Weingarten’s manner, his indier-than-thou soliloquies (he smugly calls himself "The Last Rock Critic Left Standing"), his horrible, horrible baseball cap and beard: