During my write-up on the ABC News 24 announcement, I commented about the un-engaging, beige nature of the ABC News Breakfast set. I had concerns that we’d see a similar look transplanted to the 24 hour news channel. Well, it certainly appears that the ABC are going in quite a different direction.

This morning television blog TV Tonight has posted a leaked photo of the set.

abcnews24Obviously, this is not to be the entire set. Rather it looks like the section of the set that will likely get used for news reads. The blue lighting against the cold set looks a little ‘cold-dystopian future’, but it will probably come across much better on-screen. Also, we’re looking at the set from side-on, so there’s also the view behind the newsreader that we cannot see.

So far, this looks promising. It is taking ABC News 24 away from the ‘Ikea lounge-room’ setting that hampers the visual look of ABC News Breakfast and giving it a mature, serious look. I’m looking forward to seeing the whole set unveiled.

In regards to an airdate, Amanda Meade’s Diary in The Australian reports that she’s hearing July 5 as a possible launch date. The first Monday of the new financial year.