Why Federalism is stuffed

One Crikey reader writes that all the brouhaha, posturing, chest beating, and COAGulation, shows what is wrong with federalism. Plus, readers weigh in on the GST, the ABC and human rights.


Henrie Ellis writes: Re. “Rudd can change the GST any time he likes — but there’s not much time” (yesterday, item 2). All the¬†brouhaha, posturing, chest beating, and COAGulation going on over health reform only reinforces the inescapable conclusion that Federalism is stuffed.

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2 thoughts on “Why Federalism is stuffed

  1. bakerboy

    Chris Owens – I love being a pedant too. My current favourites are journos and others using ‘substantive’ when it should be ‘substantial’ (no, they don’t mean the same). The other one is using the term ‘rolled gold’ to praise something or someone (Peter Harvey did it on 42 Mins on Sunday). If it’s good, it’s ‘solid gold’, if it’s fake or cheap, it’s ‘rolled gold’. Ray Sanderson.

  2. SBH

    thank you Bakerboy. Keating said ‘rolled gold’ and no-one thought to find out what that was before going on to misuse it.

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