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Apr 22, 2010

The true truth about Kristina Keneally's hair

Yesterday was Kristina Keneally Hair Avatar Day on Twitter -- sponsored by Crikey. Today we announce the winners, as decided by the flicky haired woman herself!



I am so funny. Recently I changed my Twitter avatar to a picture of Kristina Keneally because why not? The hair! All my tweeps were like “ROFL” and then @macyourselfhome changed his avatar to Kristina Keneally as well and suddenly, bang, we had a meme! Let’s all do it!

Yesterday became Kristina Keneally Hair Avatar Day — sponsored by Crikey. The Best #kkhairavatarday avatar wins a prize, photoshop your nuts off people. We had a lovely time. And the topic started to trend. Hilarious.

Then all of a sudden, @Colgo at the Punch started tweeting about THEIR KK Hair article on their e-blog using our KKHair hashtag. ZOMG! Who are these people?

I had a minor meltdown. I sit here every day churning out the most crisp and delightful content for the Citizens of Planet Crikey and so-called @colgo comes along and “borrows” it. Right there on the internet I called him an idea pincher, I called him my internet girlfriend, I photoshopped KK’s Hair on to his head! Take that! I posted a terse comment on his alleged article, I fumed, I sulked massively.

Not long after @Colgo emailed me to say that they had been planning a KK hair story all week and it just became a case of strike while the iron was set to cotton. He should have mentioned the Crikey involvement at the time, however he did amend it later.

Not only did I believe him (News Ltd employees can’t make up everything ALL the time) I forgave him and not just because he offered me a footrub but because I am bigger than that. He would be my new best friend except that is now Kristina Keneally because …

The real excitement began when the Premier of NSW herself @KKeneally! started to tweet her approval of various images. How chuffing it was to have her involvement and her good-sport attitude, the people of NSW are a lucky mob. One thing led to another and here are the winners of Crikey’s #KKHairavatarday competition as determined by our celebrity guest judges, Premier of NSW Kristina Keneally and her charming son, 11-year-old Daniel.

Kristina speaks:

First prize: davegaukroger (@dfg77) even though I told him earlier on Twitter that I didn’t think the look worked for him, there is something disturbing about the image. Like a bad scene from which you can’t turn away.

Runner up: @tobiasziegler. It’s just funny.

Honourable mention: Laurie Oakes. I suspect neither of us could have imagined that combination. (By @zombiemao)

My son’s award: Matt Preston. He thinks it’s one of the funniest things he’s ever seen. (By @shrubberri)

100422_davegaukroger (2)

The winner


Runner up


Honourable mention

100422_matt_preson_KK bmp

The Daniel Keneally “Funniest thing I have ever seen” Award

Everyone receives a Crikey sub unless they blog at Pure Poison, in which case they get socks.

The Short List


From the hilarious @bronte_saurus



And the rest…






Former Crikey Internet @tom_cowie









After the man himself @jonaholmesMW requested someone photoshop the hair onto that volcano

volcano hair


My internet girlfriend @colgo by me


@greenj “The Frog” by me



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19 thoughts on “The true truth about Kristina Keneally’s hair

  1. mattholden

    Is that Laurie Oakes or Michelle Grattan who got the honourable mention?

  2. Stilgherrian

    I suspect Tom Cowie is probably an “intern” rather than an “internet”, but you can never tell with these young people.

  3. Holden Back

    The winner looks like Janet Albrechtsen ‘manning up’. The glasses are doing a lot of the work.

  4. Christine Johnson

    Whoever said “hair doesn’t maketh the man” needs their head read. It’s everyone’s crowning glory and that’s why Peter Garrett should grow his back or get sacked.

  5. Venise Alstergren

    I love the GreenJ one. Would have thought it would have been a little closer to the winner’s circle.

    Hi there Jonathan. Still with the riding? And the horse of course.



  6. SusieQ

    I know this is a satire, but once again, we see a female pollie being the subject of some satire because of her appearance – I know, I know, I’m being a bit of a wet blanket, but please, starting picking on the blokes too!

  7. Mike Jones

    Is that Joe Tripodi – or the member for water buffaloes ?

  8. Firstdog

    Are you kidding susieq? I have spent the last 6 months drawing almost nothing other than Tony Abbott’s penis, simply based on how he dresses (or doesn’t). I drew Brendan Nelson’s hair more times than you have had hot dinners and that was because of his hair! I would draw Stephen Smith every day except he keeps a low profile. Albo is a Sontaran. Kevin Rudd is a balloon because he has a big stupid round head. Barnaby Joyce is a pumpkin scone because he is an idiot. This is not Kirner and the polka dot frock. I am genuinely an equal opportunity satirist. If anything, I go easier on the ladies because chicks dig me.

  9. Dave Gaukroger

    Holden, do you think if i put a choker on a’la Planet I could get a go on Q & A?

  10. Christopher Scanlon

    Stilgherrian, it’s hard to believe, but Tom’s caption is quite correct. Tom IS an internet unto himself. The young people of today come with built-in networks and wi-fi capabilities.

  11. inkblot

    So disappointed I missed this opportunity to create a KK merkin.

  12. Stilgherrian

    Christopher Scanlon, that means we don’t need the National Broadband Network after all! We’re saved!

  13. David Sanderson

    I like Rudd as an aging (middle of the road, of course) rocker.

  14. David Sanderson

    Maybe Mao could have avoided the Cultural Revolution if he had been more in touch with his feminine side.

  15. Sandshoe

    Maybe SAO (Biscuits, Martians! NOT Sports Accreditation Online!) could have done away with the SAO song? With photoshop and a false wig? Na-oooooo as Mr Norman Wisdom has frequently said towards diverse events of realism and unrealism in his wonderful movies . FD but, sometimes you’re a bit of a crumb. How do you explain that?

  16. Holden Back

    Dave, only if you do the thigh-high boots and mini-skirt. True story, though not in the studio context.

  17. Ern Malleys cat

    Typical First Dog — again airing his hysterical hatred of hair.
    Meanwhile fur is beyond any criticism.

  18. Sandshoe

    Fur good better and best.

  19. Sandshoe

    I was agreeing with you EMC. Just being a parrot.


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