ruddballIt probably comes as no shock to learn that most members of the Crikey crew are total word nerds. We love a good pun, inventing stupid haikus and are fully paid-up members of the Subeditorial Antics Appreciation Society.

But our all-time favourite office word game is the “DetailedProgrammaticSpecificityTranslator™” — also known as “RuddSpeak”.

Everything is funnier when you pretend it’s being said by our beloved leader:

“On the question of today’s editorial meeting, let me just say this…”

“You know something? When it comes to the publishing of the email, we’re willing to take whatever action is necessary to meet the needs of ordinary Australians.”

Hours of (working) family fun.

To celebrate the launch of Fully (sic), we’d like to invite you to play, too.

Pick a snippet of text — anything from a song lyrics to a poem to a conversation with your GP — and run it through the DetailedProgrammaticSpecificityTranslator™. How would the Ruddbot say it?

The best translations will win one of two very schmick hardcover 5th edition Macquarie dictionaries.

So take some decisive action — we want your fresh ideas and magic bullets.

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Peter Fray
Peter Fray
Editor-in-chief of Crikey
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