nothinglike2A few weeks ago Tourism Australia launched its new campaign, further consigning Lara Bingle into the dustbins of history.

The campaign has the tagline “There’s nothing like Australia”, with the idea that Australians will share their stories and photos about their lovely home country in order to get others to flock here and spend their dough.

The Crikey Daily Mail has an interesting story today, written by Elizabeth Redman, about the legalities of the Tourism Australia competition — be aware, you may be signing away more rights than you realise.

But after seeing many of the ads today, I’ve realised that this is a Crikey competition waiting to happen. All the ads have the “There’s nothing like…” line, begging for you, helpful readers, to offer your own suggestions for Tourism Australia’s new campaign.

Serious, silly, ironic, it’s your choice.


I’ll get the ball rolling:

There’s nothing like… never having to see Lara Bingle on telly again.

There’s nothing like… going to Thailand instead because flights are cheaper.

There’s nothing like… passing out drunken on a summer’s day after sinking lots of piss while watching the cricket.

There’s nothing like… skinny dipping at Bondi

There’s nothing like… Melbourne coffee, Sydney Harbour, Western Australia’s beaches, Tasmania’s apples and the red dirt in the middle.

We’ll rustle up some First Dog merchandise or DVDs or whatever is floating around the office for the winner.