Last night on the 7.30 Report communications minister Stephen Conroy slammed Google for its hypocritical stance on the government’s proposed internet filter:

“We as a sovereign government are not going to allow large multinational corporations or foreign governments to determine what should be in our refused classification category. Google signed a contract with China to do censorship. They signed a contract to do that. In Thailand, Google have agreed to filter any criticism of the Thai royal family. What’s that about? So, Google want to talk about legitimising censorship in other countries; they should have a look in the mirror.”

But the minister has a little China problem of his own. This morning, Business Spectator reports wire service AAP was the victim of a cyber attack emanating from China. The story concluded with a message we thought worth ccing you all in on:

“The internet is essential Australian infrastructure, as we have seen from the amount of money and resources the Australian government is willing to put into a national broadband network. But rather than focus his attention on limiting his citizens’ access to information through a censorship program, Senator Stephen Conroy would be better off securing this essential infrastructure from attack. Even if that attack is coming from one of its biggest trading partners.”