Is Fairfax putting up the paywall?

“Fairfax Media appears to have moved a step closer to a paid model for its online content after appointing an e-commerce company to manage its online payments system.” The Australian

Rupert hearts his iPad — and defends his paywalled garden

“‘I got a glimpse of the future last weekend with the Apple iPad. It is a wonderful thing,” he said. “If you have less newspapers and more of these … it may well be the saving of the newspaper industry.” — The Guardian

Jesus fans love their JesusPads

The Optimist, Abilene Christian University’s student newspaper in Abilene, Texas, became the first student newspaper to publish on the iPad.” — TMCnet

Why unemployed journalists should move to New York …

“It may be a small boomlet, but for the first time in a long while, there’s a pulse in the New York journalism job market. I would absolutely say that is the trend,” said Time Inc human-relations guru Bucky Keady.” — New York Observer

… and not to Kyrgyzstan

“Three newspapers have been banned within a month in Kyrgyzstan. Now the New York-based press freedom body, the Committee to Protect Journalists, has called on the Kyrgyz authorities to halt the crackdown on independent and opposition news outlets.” — The Guardian

Sub-editors rejoice! The internet gets its own style guide

“The Yahoo! Style Guide: The Ultimate Sourcebook for Writing, Editing, And Creating Content For The Digital World will hit stores on July 6…” — Business Insider

NBC shows just got a little more eco-friendly

“The tactic — General Electric Co’s NBC Universal calls it “behavior placement” — is designed to sway viewers to adopt actions they see modeled in their favorite shows. And it helps sell ads to marketers who want to associate their brands with a feel-good, socially aware show.” — Wall Street Journal

Magazine reforms Michelle Obama’s face

“You have to admit, the First Lady does keep a good house. But the editors of Good Housekeeping seem to think she could could have a better face.” — Jezebel

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