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Apr 6, 2010

Kate Ellis: a model minister

Daily media wrap: Federal Sports Minister Kate Ellis has donned a tight leather dress and stilettos to pose for Grazia's body issue. But does a frocked up MP in high heels help promote a healthy body image?

Federal Sports Minister Kate Ellis has donned a tight leather dress and stilettos to pose for a photo shoot in this week’s Grazia magazine. The photos accompanied an article about readers’ attitudes to their bodies, but does a frocked up MP in high heels help promote a healthy body image? Or should she hang up the Gucci heels and head back to the ministerial desk?

Here’s what the pundits are saying:

The Daily Telegraph

Lucie van den Berg: Federal Sports Minister Kate Ellis’s leather dress shot in Grazia backfires

Federal Sports Minister Kate Ellis’ decision to appear in a glossy magazine in sky-high heels and a black leather dress has backfired, damaging her campaign to promote more normal-looking models.

Claire Harvey: Meet the minister for body image

It’s dangerous for any politician to shed the business-suit – just ask Mr Downer. The former Foreign Minister posed for a 1996 Variety Club fundraiser in fishnets and faux-leopard print heels.

Herald Sun

Robyn Riley: Kate, you’re a minister, not a model

…our Sports Minister is prancing around a sports field in a slinky leather dress and killer heels and not at her desk, as she needs to be.

Susie O’Brien: Wrong to hate Kate Ellis

Let’s not hate her because she looks more like Heidi Klum than Bronwyn Bishop. Shouldn’t we encourage politicians to get out of their Canberra comfort zones and live a little?

The Courier Mail

Dennis Atkins: If the shoe fits Kate, maybe Tony should try it

While the effectiveness of a tall, slim woman wearing a black leather dress with the Gucci heels as a way of promoting positive body image portrayal in the media is questionable, it’s Ellis’s story and she’s sticking to it.

Kellie Alderman: Kate Ellis gets the fashion vote for spread in Grazia Magazine’s body image edition

…the 32-year-old minister sports a pair of killer $1790 Gucci heels and a curve-hugging $695 leather Karen Millen dress and looks more like a runway model than a Member of Parliament.


Girl with a Satchel, Erica Bartle: Mags, walking through Grazia’s body issue

If I were an aspiring MP and took one look at the Amazonian Ellis in all her Grazia glory, I would feel betrayed by both the association with a fashion magazine with a dubious diet-story record and also the idea that even smart MPs have to fit the fashion mould to become successful.

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10 thoughts on “Kate Ellis: a model minister

  1. Elan

    Ellis is my local Fed.

    This stupid self aggrandisement is so bloody transparent! If this silly woman gave one tuppenny ha’penny damn for ‘body image’, she would not be filmed tottering around on fecking stilts!!

    This crap was designed to promote Ellis , and Ellis alone. It is a classic: look at moe! look at moe!

    These people are elected ‘by the people, for the people’ (worralarf!!!!), and paid by the people. We don’t have any choice…

    Ellis may have had ‘her people’ decide on this, but it is Ellis-and Ellis alone, who went ahead with it because of her own vanity.

    Silly beearch.

  2. Tim Villa

    Kate sure looks fitter than Tony!

  3. SBH

    and yet another woman has to defend herself for being a woman. What a shame she doesn’t look like Belinda Neal (or Sophie Mirabella for that matter) then we could really go to town.

  4. Daniel

    Hey I’m going to write a important ground-breaking column about Tony Abbott wearing speedos or Kate Ellis wearing a dress. I’m an Australian journalist, my job is difficult!

  5. Holden Back

    Daniel, go the hard yards – write an article about Kate Ellis wearing speedos or Tony Abbot wearing a dress.

  6. Elan

    She is indeed a woman SBH, but she is also a politician, and someone thus who has a public profile, and can influence those who are gullible enough to be so influenced.( And there are a lot of them out there!).

    The feminist issue here matters little to me. Any inferred suggestion that this crap irks me because she is a female, is disingenuous.

    What annoys me here is that this was put out on the grounds of encouraging a better ‘body image’.

    What absolute rubbish. My silly niece insisted on wearing these shoes that need a ladder to climb into- and she sustained a bad break to her ankle.

    It is the damned hypocrisy! This was nothing more than a vain publicity shoot. It hardly sends out a positive message. Hannah has already defended her choice of footwear because ‘ Kate Ellis thinks they are good for a positive body image’. Sheesh!

    Wotsaface and his netherwear will not caused any accidents, except by repugnance.

    Ellis ostensibly did this for a ‘positive cause’.

    Yes. Hers.

  7. SBH

    whoaa there tiger, My point is that there are really important issues at stake in this country and Kate’s dress and Tonys form arent one of

  8. Thermio

    Hey guys,

    Since when do we have to judge people based on what they wear or what they do.

    Yes, Kate Ellis is a public figure. No, that does not make her a target for your venomous scorn. The shoes may have been a bit much but the hateful bile that is being spat at a woman for simply having her picture taken in what is quite a standard piece of evening wear is ridiculous.

    I think part of the problem is that some people can’t accept that others don’t look exactly they way they see themselves. Good on her for feeling good enough about herself to have a nice photo taken. It seems a lot more constructive than tearing people down for just looking the way they do.

  9. Elan

    ‘Venomous scorn/hateful bile that is being spat at a woman’ !!!!!!!!!!

    I think this supposedly intelligent woman fell for the increasing habit that some media has for playing ‘dress-ups’ with public figures…………namely women (now there IS a feminist issue).

    I can understand the Roberta Williams’ of this world milking it- but I expect a damn sight more from a woman that demonstrably has the brain to realise that this is purely exploitation of ‘assets’.

    Which of course she was fully aware of.

    If I suggest KLEWSO, that this bimbo pretender be ‘dealt with in a severe manner’, perhaps then you can level that nonsense!

    It is not venomous or hateful to suggest that this intelligent woman was bloody silly!

    And she was! And I said so!

    SBH: I have reason to be frustrated by this silly action.

    I’m even more FRUSTRATED!!! that the Advertiser here is carrying a story, and very graphic video of a slaughter of innocent Iraqi’s by a bloody US gunship,- the gunner being congratulated on his shooting-the pilot calling the slaughter ‘nice’. …and the horror of watching the gunship closing in on a journalist who was very badly wounded desperately crawling to try to save his life. There were two journalists. Both carrying camera equipment which were taken for: I quote the curséd pilot “AK 47’s”.

    The Pentagon justified this 2007 murder.

    Someone had a conscience. The footage IS from the gunship. We see what they see. We hear the aircrew talking.

    And we see people simply walking down the street. They do not run. They do not hide. They were innocent, and thus felt no threat or fear when they heard the gunship.

    WE could see this clearly. That aircrew saw it too, and yet…

    Their innocent victim’s were sitting ducks.

    My frustration? I can make no comment on that incident. Interesting eh? What kind of free press story on a forum orientated online site will not allow comments to this story.

    I have no trouble commenting on this matter,-but I am never oblivious to that kind of thing, and would also liked to have said something.