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Mar 29, 2010

They’re here! The racist ham eating muslins have arrived!

Why does Kevin Rudd hate homebrand Hawaiian Pizza?

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38 thoughts on “They’re here! The racist ham eating muslins have arrived!

  1. paddy

    Oh most excellent and wonderful FD…..
    I love you most of all when you’re angry.
    I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at a cantaloupe in quite the same way again. 🙂
    !0/10 for today’s effort.
    (Plus an extra baby elephant stamp for the complete absence of lycra.)

  2. Ern Malleys cat

    12 items or less queue jumpers!

  3. Holden Back

    Maybe they’re not really Muslims? Or maybe they know it’s not really ham.

    I think Piers may be looking to take Stephen Colbert’s spot as satirist, even if the other panellists on Insiders, started to chat amongst themsleves as he bloviated.

  4. Vicki Grieves

    The Piers Akermann Integrity Award in – deed – thank you FD for identifying the REAL CULPRITS!!!! You and David Marr are so right about this, brothers in arms….

  5. Keith is not my real name

    You bastard! I was eating rockmelon when I read that! (True!)

    I’ll leave the rest for the kids. 😉

  6. acannon

    What an ingenious strategy! I wonder no one has thought of it before!

  7. Denise Marcos

    This morning I missed the first part of Fran Kelly’s interview with Scott Morrison on Radio National. Darn, I cursed to myself.

    But thanks to you, Mr Onthemoon, it’s now obvious he had just finished revealing the Opposition’s policy on refugee border protection – which is summed-up neatly in frame 6.

    These days it’s a rare treat to hear any policy announced by the Opposition & this is one of their more cogent offerings.

    I once worked with the third journo in frame 3.

  8. Jonathan Maddox

    Thankyou, infidel lunar dog, I don’t mind if I do!


    ROFL *Harris*, even. With an extra leg.

  9. Meski

    Piers Akerman and integrity in the same sentence? Damn coke up my nose[1]

    Decaf soychino lattes are a far greater indication of the malaise in which ‘these’ people are suffering.

    [1] coca cola, you perverts.

  10. Dez Hoy

    Oh, the chips. Will no one think of the chips?

    Cant make out the Piers Blot Integrity award, FD. It looks like a medal, but I guess the detail is meant to be fuzzy?

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