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Mar 29, 2010

They're here! The racist ham eating muslins have arrived!

Why does Kevin Rudd hate homebrand Hawaiian Pizza?



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38 thoughts on “They’re here! The racist ham eating muslins have arrived!

  1. paddy

    Oh most excellent and wonderful FD…..
    I love you most of all when you’re angry.
    I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at a cantaloupe in quite the same way again. 🙂
    !0/10 for today’s effort.
    (Plus an extra baby elephant stamp for the complete absence of lycra.)

  2. Ern Malleys cat

    12 items or less queue jumpers!

  3. Holden Back

    Maybe they’re not really Muslims? Or maybe they know it’s not really ham.

    I think Piers may be looking to take Stephen Colbert’s spot as satirist, even if the other panellists on Insiders, started to chat amongst themsleves as he bloviated.

  4. Vicki Grieves

    The Piers Akermann Integrity Award in – deed – thank you FD for identifying the REAL CULPRITS!!!! You and David Marr are so right about this, brothers in arms….

  5. Keith is not my real name

    You bastard! I was eating rockmelon when I read that! (True!)

    I’ll leave the rest for the kids. 😉

  6. acannon

    What an ingenious strategy! I wonder no one has thought of it before!

  7. Denise Marcos

    This morning I missed the first part of Fran Kelly’s interview with Scott Morrison on Radio National. Darn, I cursed to myself.

    But thanks to you, Mr Onthemoon, it’s now obvious he had just finished revealing the Opposition’s policy on refugee border protection – which is summed-up neatly in frame 6.

    These days it’s a rare treat to hear any policy announced by the Opposition & this is one of their more cogent offerings.

    I once worked with the third journo in frame 3.

  8. Jonathan Maddox

    Thankyou, infidel lunar dog, I don’t mind if I do!


    ROFL *Harris*, even. With an extra leg.

  9. Meski

    Piers Akerman and integrity in the same sentence? Damn coke up my nose[1]

    Decaf soychino lattes are a far greater indication of the malaise in which ‘these’ people are suffering.

    [1] coca cola, you perverts.

  10. Dez Hoy

    Oh, the chips. Will no one think of the chips?

    Cant make out the Piers Blot Integrity award, FD. It looks like a medal, but I guess the detail is meant to be fuzzy?


    And there was Piers, plonked in his ample chair like some down market Jabba the Hut, spilling his bile into test tubes and holding it up for the Insiders audience to inspect: “See, see, those people are digesting my organs, spreading their putrid foreign germs into our body politic…oh,oh, the humanity! Illegal al…….”

    Slowly morphing into a cane toad, his speech was gradually muffled by the copious excrescence of foam oozing from his gaping maw.

  12. Holden Back

    Mmm, Pizza the Hut.

  13. James L

    Beyond outstanding. Do you have tenure. God and some
    Wood Ducks are at one etc.

  14. Chris Johnson

    Do you think Brisbane’s Sunday Mail was running an advertorial for Coke, Homebrand pineapple pizzas and Smiths crisps? How come the journos didn’t dial the terrorist hotline? May be they were trying to advertise an under-utilised Transit Centre? Surely a major media outlet isn’t inciting racism? Of course that’s what News Limited was doing and the story went like a bomb landing in a mine field – 409 reader comments and here’s the majority response. Go FD!

  15. Venise Alstergren

    Utterly and dismally correct: Traditional Oz Homebrand Hawaiian Pizzas! This sums up everything from our astonishingly graceless losing in Cricket, Winter Olympics and anything else we enter for. The complete and eternal whinge. “We wuz robbed.”

    To the way we flog off the contents of every new mining venture overseas, almost before the bloody stuff has left the ground.

    And the way we hang onto a foreign head of state because we are too tired to think and act for ourselves. Sometimes Australians make me vomit.

    Love the Welfare macciato. Can’t read the tiny writing under the poster on the right hand bottom end of the poster in frame one.

    Frame four ‘Freedom loving Australians’ Ha bloody Ha!! So free and individual that we are prepared to accept-any fighting about it?-internet censorship?

    Anyway, I’d better bugger off; seem to have left my sense of humour at home.

  16. Meski

    Click on the ‘bigger, fatter version’ link underneath.


    Exclusive report P7IN
    Big Brave Sunday Mail

    (not sure if P7IN is leet-speak)


    Classic, Holden Back!

  18. paddy

    P7 IN is actually the start of the sentence.

    Page 7 In the big brave Sunday Mail.

    Meanwhile, I’m just *dying* to know who’s on P3 🙂

  19. Buzz

    No wonder decent working families are having such a rough time.

    I’d half expected Tony Abbott’s “Iron Man” penis to appear today. Perhaps he’s suffering from saddle sore and is having a lie-in today.

  20. Venise Alstergren

    I like the guy salivating or sweating over the poor little pea packet. PADDY or MESKI please, what does it say in frame one on the right hand side under Exclusive Report?

    I’ve even looked at it with strong photographer’s magnifying glasses and couldn’t see it.

    The Pier’s Ackerman medals for integrity are impossible to look at.

    BUZZ: lie-in could be read as having a lie festival. In which case I could only agree with you.

  21. paddy

    Venise, Under Exclusive Report P7
    The fair hand of FDOTM has written: …
    “The Brave Sunday Mail”

  22. Venise Alstergren

    PADDY: Thanks! The Brave Sunday Mail! that’s made my day. Hehehehe 🙂 🙂

  23. Denise Marcos

    Re Brisbane’s Sunday Mail –

    Apparently its quality is unsurpassed for lining bird/guinea pig cages.

  24. beckchanock

    I loved Home Brand Hawaiian pizza when I was a kid, we were allowed to have it if my parents went out and my sister had to babysit me.
    Which has nothing to do with the awesomeness of this cartoon, you just made me all nostalgic.
    I would not be surprised to see a map on the news in the near future featuring an arrow ‘back to where they came from’.

  25. Chris Johnson

    Don’t panic everyone – it’s just News Limited touching Australia’s racist nerve. It’s all about an election year focussed on clawing back Howard’s middle-class followers for Abbott. You know the ones that don’t buy Homebrand Hawaiian pizzas, drink Coke, eat potato chips, applaud our involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq but don’t like the victims of the fallout. By the way, who told News Limited this small group was on a day’s outing?

  26. Mike Jones

    I reckon you’re not a dog at all, FD. I think you’re a plant. A liberal stooge. I mean isn’t this toon straight out Liberal policy ? If it isn’t it soon will be !

  27. Denise Marcos

    Mike J,

    Ditto, it’s their new policy! In fact, the Opposition’s only clear policy to date.

    All policy is currently made on the run…or on the swim…or on the bike.

  28. wyane

    Political Owl seems to not have the newspaper frontpages anymore (or is my browser going gaga?). Would love to know which journal of renown brought us this headline. Looks like a Hun special. Sure explains why News has brought us all the UFO stories recently. IT’S AN INVASION !!
    Thing is, they should have used a quote from ET for that headline, rather than Poltergeist. Aliens, sure. Zombies, vampires, ok. But no decent Australian believes in ghosts.

  29. Tom McLoughlin

    On Sydney radio abc Dick Smith, Hugh Evans, and Pru Goward all agreed our population growth fetish was ignorant and stupid, and we needed a policy not a Ponzi scheme. It was strong stuff. And way overdue.

    And none of them disagreed with Hugh that refugee obligations should be continued, even increased.

    Just think 4 times the refugee intake, and half the economic immigration, for a net decrease (or maybe lower rate of increase) in population . A win, win, win.

    Take that policy to the federal election. Woof.

  30. Denise Marcos


    See one of my posts above: it is the work of Brisbane’s Sunday Mail (News Ltd).

  31. Venise Alstergren

    DENISE: I lobbed in a comment to the offending newspaper. I doubt they will print it. Also, knowing I was in such enemy territory I was gutless enough to use a Nom de Guerre. I must have been v tired!

  32. wyane

    thanks Denise, also stumbled upon it at Flickr.

  33. X Ray

    I believe Piers also said he had a problem with worms.

  34. Fascinated

    Re Denise:

    “Re Brisbane’s Sunday Mail –

    Apparently its quality is unsurpassed for lining bird/guinea pig cages.”

    Our dog prefers the Advertiser but will ‘read’ The Australian if absolutely necessary.

  35. Denise Marcos


    If nothing else, Murdoch publications are 100% pet-friendly.

  36. Sandshoe

    How fast can fast food be when it is delivered to a boat tied to a wharf on Xmas Island! Or can an order via the Internet for a Domino’s Streaky Bacon Creation serve as a virtual Home Brand Hawaiian pizza (with crackling?) when you’re in a tight corner?

  37. Sandshoe

    No-one has mentioned it. Supermarket trolly accidents. I wrote a small email once to a per-son (P) drawing their attention to us (P&S) needing to sort it. I implied ‘Pretty easy’. P in a weak-headed moment typed FYI and pressed ‘Forward’ . P had not considered the email I sent was the casual preliminary note between P&S’s who know what the other is thinking (sometimes not).

    The ex-pert replied, “I don’t know who this per-son is. It is preposterous to think a supermarket take responsibility for children sustaining head injuries and killing themselves at best spilling orange cordial out of broken bottles on the floor falling out of trolleys. I suggest the problem rests [fair and square] with parents.”

    The ex-pert implied I am an UNKNOWN? Asking the feasibility supermarkets be asked to display signage? Regards the danger of children riding trolleys? Asking that routine trolley drill be incorporated .. where applicable sea and air rescue practice…to assist trainees who regardless often children themselves will attend supermarket trolley accidents?

    Here* is a example of a learn-ed question asked by the learn-ed permitted to ask questions (likely batts about unnecessarily repetitious attendance at Emergency Departments of this section of the population with at best only bumps to noggins, our future politicians’.)

    *Campbell M, Ferguson J, Beattie TF. Are falls from supermarket trollies preventable? BMJ 1990;301:1370.

  38. Sandshoe

    I would like to see everybody looked out for in Australia in a way that is not broken. I like that “… in a way that is not broken”.

    Honk as you go past if you agree. Yell out ‘G’day Sandshoe! ‘ if you recognise me.

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