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Mar 24, 2010

Hamish, Andy, Rove and Pete go missing on Channel 31 effort

BRW Rich-Listers Hamish & Andy have failed to come to the aid of the struggling community TV station that gave them their start, despite multimillion-dollar annual salaries and an looming breakthrough into the lucrative US television market.

Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

BRW Rich Listers Hamish Blake and Andy Lee and other success stories are nowhere to be seen as Melbourne’s Channel 31, the struggling community TV station that gave them a start, struggles to raise the $300,000 needed to upgrade its studio facilities during its current subscriberthon.

Channel 31 has been hit hard by the Federal Government’s mandated switch to digital television and the need to upgrade its studio facilities. Without an immediate cash injection the station could be forced to stick with its second-rate analogue signal, which is being switched off around Australia.

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10 thoughts on “Hamish, Andy, Rove and Pete go missing on Channel 31 effort

  1. wilful

    What people donate to is entirely their own business.

    Andrew crook would be wanting to make a pretty sizable donation to ch 31 after this effort.

  2. terry bystander

    Did you even read the story Wilful? Are you familiar with the concept of paying your dues? What about the term ‘alumni’?

  3. Elan

    Well done for highlighting this Andrew!

    I recently discovered that I could get a fairly good picture for SA’s C31. I regularly watch it now, and use the timer switch last thing to watch the music/pictures which show at the end of C31 programmes.

    I had no idea that A-H-R started on C31.

    It would be nice to see some support forthcoming.

    ………………..don’t hold your breath.

  4. Maxy

    Glad to see this story out there. Some of the most important media available could become so unavailable in the coming years due to technologies and society’s new different tastes. Lets not see channel 31 close its doors as it would be a great shame. Hopefully the local or state governments might inject a few more funds to help. I’m not sure whether I agree with current stars who got their initial start with 31 should donate funding. I think it should be a personal choice for them without a guilt trip. Good Luck 31……….

  5. Gary Johnson

    Idea!!!…Crikey should take over Ch31 and we get Crikey TV…imagine the quality live crosses to realestate auction sites as some realestate goon beats up on Adam Schwab…plus, you get to get rid of all your annoying interns with stints in Afghanistan…it’s gotta work!!!hehehe

    Pass the hat around boys and girls….think about it.

  6. Pete WN

    Love a good ‘Name and Shame’! I remember watching Hamish & Andy on Radio Karate, along with Ryan Shelton.

    They were awesome even back then, and its great to see them doing so well. Not so good if they can’t support a station that gave them their break.

  7. Gary Johnson

    Miss Somora..I assume it’s miss. Will you please stop sending me your material for perusal?

    I am very busy at the moment, and look what’s happened…somehow your email that YOU sent to me has ended up under my name as a post from Gary Johnson…it’s a terrible mistake and I think you owe them an apology.


  8. Dave Dreimann

    I’ve tried to find the Richard McLelland interview on RRR without much luck but from the quotes I think its think its pretty poor form of a station manager to be shifting the blame like that and wonder if anyone has even approached c31alumni for help. This is the only article article I’ve seen on the topic and if it wasn’t for it and word of mouth a few days ago I would have had no idea that the station was trying to raise money at all. The publicity surrounding the whole thing has been non existent. Andrew Crook has at least tried to contacted some of c31’s success stories and allowed them to respond, which is more than I imagine c31 have done before trying to publicly shame them. RRR, SYN, FBi all managed to raise money when it was required (although you can question the ethics of FBi’s Ask Richard campaign it still worked). If c31 is unable to raise the money required to upgrade to digital the responsibility has to sit not on former volunteers but squarely on those who manage the network who have had years to prepare a fund raising and media campaigns but have failed to do anything of substance.

  9. The Pav

    Perth lost its Ch31 sometime ago & is worse for it.

    Community TV is an outlet for alternatives that commercial TV lacks the will to develop

  10. Andrew G

    They shouldn’t be expected to help channel 31. Its really like throwing good money after bad.

    Private schools get a lot of their money from Alumni but thats fair enough as private schools produce a large portion of our business and political leaders. Channel 31 produces…..a few comedians?

    I like Hamish & Andy but they would have made it big without Channel 31 one way or another. Rove however should perhaps give back as I am not sure how he made it big so he probably should be thanking everyone he possibly can.

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