SA Election:

Martin Gordon writes: Re. “SA: Rann returns, but Labor breaches trust on day one” (yesterday, item 11). As a civil libertarian I despaired when I read the several articles on Labor’s SA campaign tactics.

Impersonating other parties, stealing their material, deceiving voters and ALP MP’s supported it. Have they no scruples, winning at all costs, whatever it takes, do they believe in anything?

George Orwell observed “only a socialist could have such contempt for ordinary people”, like Robert Mugabe, and one time potential ALP donor Saddam Hussein there are many sources to obtain ideas on how to win, and hold onto power.

What new depths will the ALP plumb next?

Raivo Sark writes: I don’t know why you bother doing stories on South Australia; the crap that you’re churning out is even worse than that shite from The Advertiser. I thought you disliked the bias of the Murdoch press?

I wouldn’t be surprised  to see articles by Bill O’Reilly next in Crikey.

Adelaide deserves better than the sub standard media that it currently receives.

US Health reform:

Liam Hedge writes: Re. “Rundle: health reform votes clock over as US braces for momentous change” (yesterday, item 4). The Australian made a mistake today that any paper should be truly embarrassed by. Greg Sheridan made a concrete claim that it is “universally acknowledged” that Obama’s healthcare reform will add to the deficit. Universally acknowledged Greg? I think the Congressional Budget Office may have something to say about that.

They costed the bill at reducing the deficit by approximately $US143 billion in the first ten years and up to $US1.2 trillion in the second ten year. Funny, for a truth “universally acknowledged” one wouldn’t expect the most expert, non-partisan government organisation in the United States to disagree.

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