In contrast to yesterday’s Essential Report which was Labor’s best poll result of the year, comes today’s Newspoll via The Oz which is probably Labor’s worst result. The primaries come on 41 (steady)/ 39 (down 1) to the Coalition, washing into a two party preferred of 52/48 to Labor – unchanged from last fortnight. The Greens are up 2 to 11 while the broad “Others” or on 9 (down 1).

This comes from a sample of 1143, giving us an MoE that maxes out around the 2.9% mark.

Tony Abbott should consider himself a little lucky today with the Newspoll sample, as other unpublished phone polling that was in the field last week and over the weekend picked up movement more akin to Essential than Newspoll. So saying, it all comes out in the wash given enough time. (And no folks, that isn’t a Newspoll conspiracy, it’s simply normal sampling error – put it back in your pants)

Not much really happened here this week despite a small drop in Rudd’s satisfaction pushing across as an increase in his undecideds – all the other metrics are essentially flat, and apart from a few undecideds moving across to Abbott’s satisfied column, have been for around a month or so with Newspoll.

So, on with the usual charts which come in like this:

pmsatmar14 opsatmar14

netsatsmar14 ppmmar14