Mar 9, 2010

Julie Bishop’s death stare

Last night on Q&A Julie Bishop showed her ability to use the force: "I find your lack of faith... disturbing".

Last night on Q&A Julie Bishop showed her ability to use the force: "I find your lack of faith... disturbing".


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19 thoughts on “Julie Bishop’s death stare

  1. Jenny Ejlak

    Nice, but an even better bit of the show was when Steve Fielding admitted to believing in creationism over evolution. Richard Dawkins’ incredulous response (along the lines of) ‘…so you are a member of the Australian Parliament and you believe in creationism?’ was the best line of the night. When asked if he believed the earth was less than 10,000 years old, Fielding fudged the question – I think he doesn’t even understands the theory of creationism – but I guess you don’t need details when you live by belief.

  2. Denise Marcos

    In the wake of That Look I spent a very restless night.

    Incidentally, Jenny E, I checked the transcript: Dawkins asked Fielding the question 5 times. It seems the question was simply too hard.

  3. chinda63

    The Death Stare was fantastic.

    I actually yelled, “go Mesmerelda!” at the screen and cacked myself laughing.

  4. Mark Heydon

    I have never had the “pleasure” of seeing Fielding speak for such an extended period. Made me appreciate the not Steve Fielding diaries seen in Crikey occassionally.
    How on earth did this guy graduate from an engineering school?
    How on earth does someone as thick as him tie his shoelaces in the morning?


    Medusa reborn? A warning should have been broadcast before the show started!

    As for Steve “let me wave my hands around like an important person” Fielding, the less said the better.

    Dumbocracy was never better defined by any one.

  6. Jenny Morris

    Hilarious. Thanks Crikey, I hoped to get a chance to re-live one of the best spontaneous moments in Australian politics to date. Hasn’t anyone told her?

    As for Steve Fielding – a major embarassment. And his immature bragging/dissing about his meeting with Kevin Rudd.

    The young Rabbi Jacqueline Ninio was a far better advocate for her faith – very impressive.

  7. Colin James

    What disturbs me is the intellectual ineptitude revealed last night demonstrating that politicians, people with actual power, simply cannot conduct discourse or debate in a sophisticated way. Richard Dawkins must have felt that he arrived at some high school forum such was the lack depth and breadth of the panel to address the issues in play. In fact I insult high school students my saying this.
    Steve Fielding is woefully incompetent and remarkably childish.
    One wonders how Richard Dawkins will articulate this experience with his colleagues… one can imagine the term ‘village idiot’ sliding into his description.

  8. Kristian Karamfiles

    Dawkins’ embarrassment of Fielding was great, but I was sad to see him get angrier as the show went on.

    He was spot-on with the Fielding incident because he simply stated the situation (“you’re a parliamentarian and believe in creationism?”) and the audience could work out the craziness inherent.

    But, he played into the religious folks’ hands when he called God’s sacrifice a “horrible and depraved notion”. Personally, I agree with him, but it then allowed Bishop and Burke to claim he was being disrespectful.

    As well as her death-stare, I loved Bishop’s talk of “I hope that there’s something beyond what we have on earth”. Won’t cockroaches be the last thing left on Earth anyway?

  9. SusieQ

    Bourke and Bishop were really woefully stupid last night and to me, seemed to be pandering to, if there is such a thing in this country, the Christian vote. I don’t think Dawkins played into their hands with that remark, they just couldn’t find a way to counter it, so went for the insult instead. As for the death stare, my goodness – she may not have an original thought in her head, but she can do a good stare!

    As for Fielding – just remember he’s up for election this year and it will be interesting to see if any of the major parties do a deal with Family First this time – maybe they prefer having the village idiot holding the balance of power rather than the Greens?

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