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Mar 8, 2010

Razer: The Monthly‘s Louis Nowra needs a good vajazzling

Forget what Louis Nowra and The Monthly say, writes Helen Razor: Germaine Greer is a bright and occasionally charming old ratbag who should be revered.

Helen Razer — Writer and broadcaster

Helen Razer

Writer and broadcaster

Generally, International Women’s Day is an occasion to which I pay little mind. In 1979, Brown Owl flashed my non-regulation underwear as a caution to all assembled Guides. I have since reasoned that it is better to wrap one’s self in solitude than risk being multiply stung by the hive mind.

As I am terrified that the Sisters’ Army might want to examine my underwear, I tend to avoid IWD. The past week, however, has upchucked surprises sufficiently nasty to rev my angry parts. And these all, by chance, involve the feminine form.

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131 thoughts on “Razer: The Monthly‘s Louis Nowra needs a good vajazzling

  1. dlew919

    I never thought I’d agree with Helen Razer, but I fully agree with and endorse this article.

    Congratulations to Crikey for publishing it. I hope she got $1.00 a word, or even more.

    Thank you, Helen.

  2. Mike Jones

    …. And Crikey’s point in republishing this potty-mouth commentary on a retrospective of Germ might be ….. ? Commenting about an already published review …. how meta can you get ? A slow news day ?

  3. Joel Tozer

    This article doesn’t deserve its place of third most important news item in Crikey news.

  4. Mahaut

    I can share the rage in this article without entirely endorsing its expression. Germain Greer has contributed so much to intellectual life in Australia, from her amazing book ‘The Female Eunich’ to her still lively contributions to Australian public discussions. She is still a magnificent and charismatic person with a towering intellect, not averse to initiating or promoting an argument.

  5. enzaii

    Yeah, I don’t usually enjoy Razer’s work, but this is fantastic. Well done Helen. Nowra is truly an embarrasment; We can do so much better.

  6. Diana Gribble

    I’ve been stewing about this vicious, stupid piece by Louis Nowra and feeling cowardly that I haven’t found a way of expressing my outrage. I could never have done it as well as Helen.

    Thank you from me too.

  7. Margaret Bozik

    I was so busy picking up my jaw off the floor after following the links to vajazzing and My New Pink Button that I almost missed the part of the article about Germaine Greer.

    One can criticise Greer for being an intellectual elitist and disagree with some of her uncompromising views – but she is far less offensive than the purveyors of products and procedures designed to increase women’s dissatisfaction with their own bodies and sap their time, energy and money.

  8. Charles Livingstone

    Of course, Louis Nowra would never try to attract attention to himself, would he? What a creep! I guess he deserves the Monthly, and vice versa. Well said, Ms Razer. Potty mouthed you may be, but it sure suits the object of your comments.

  9. The Bad Penny

    Well said! As it happens, this is not the first time that Mr Nowra has revealed himself in print as sexist. Read this article about his thoughts on the capabilities of women writers:

  10. dlew919

    Why is it that the most boring, pompous people identify as ‘bohemian’ – is it a little like ‘cool’ – if you have to self-describe it, then you’re instantly disqualified?

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