A big move in global journalism. Reuters says Chrystia Freeland, US managing editor of the Financial Times has been poached to become the newsagency’s global editor-at-large.

Freeland, who will be based in New York, will report to David Schlesinger, the editor-in-chief of Reuters. Freeland will also serve as a key figure on Reuters Insider, a new financial video service due to launch later this year, and will serve as Reuters’ principal on-air expert. Freeland will also write a weekly column at Reuters.com that focuses on critical issues taking place at the intersection of business and politics.

During Freeland’s tenure as US managing editor of the Financial Times, the FT‘s US print edition became the single largest edition of the FT. Before that, she was the paper’s deputy editor, editor of the weekend edition, Moscow bureau chief and Eastern Europe correspondent. — Glenn Dyer

How tote bags can save journalism and foreign bureaus.

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It [Monocle magazine] is about to open a bureau in Hong Kong, funded by the proceeds of its two Monocle shops in London and LA, where 8,000 bags have been sold in the past three years. — The Guardian

Mad Murdoch and his media legacy.

Taking on the Times, Google, and, in a sense, his own children, Rupert Murdoch is not going gently into the night. — New York Magazine

Why I’m live-tweeting my abortion.

Angie Jackson is in the process of getting an abortion. What makes this even more interesting is that she’s been documenting the experience on her website and on Twitter. — Online Opinion

Why editors need editors.

Besides the fact that no good editor in their right mind would tell someone trying to make a coherent argument for their job to write a post so explicitly arguing for their job, they wouldn’t let them title it Do You Really Need an Editor at a Publishing House? nor would they let them publish it on the Huffington Post. Where content mostly goes to die. — Gawker

Fairfax’s still looking for a journo.

Fairfax Media chairman Roger Corbett says the newspaper, online and radio group’s board is now “very happy and very effective” but its reconstruction will not be complete until it adds another director with broad media experience. — The Australian

Huffington: Let’s move beyond the paywall.

At the American Association of Advertising Agencies Leadership/Media Conference in San Francisco this morning, she [Arianna Huffington] said, “We are in this brave new media world. This discussion of paywalls is to completely miss what has happened.” — Media Bistro