How lazy am I? I am the laziest. I’m behind on the blog updatingness and I have a couple of post ideas but nah… not really. So why should I do any work when other people can do it for me? Why? How would you like to appear on this hugely and widely read blog, the most respected blog in the history of the internet! You would? Of course you would. Email me your suggestion for a blog post, or even an actual blog post and I might stick it up here. Then my thousands of fans can comment on how great you are based on reflected glory from me. It is a win/win/win.

It is a serious business though. I don’t want just any old guff like I would stick up here and get away with because I am adorable and an artist. No. It has to be good.

Remember this is the blog that had this:


And this:


But not this:

Not fair!
These are my two pet baby Binturongs that I do not have