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Feb 25, 2010

Barnaby's Watergate: the audio

Here's the full Barnaby Joyce interview on Newsradio. You can hear the relevant


Here’s the full Barnaby Joyce interview on Newsradio.

You can hear the relevant part of the interview with the suspect sound in question below:


Here’s the audio of the suspect sound with Barnaby’s voice stripped out. Toilet flush or garbage truck? You decide.


Still can’t decide? Here’s some audio of a toilet flushing:


And here’s audio of a garbage truck:




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6 thoughts on “Barnaby’s Watergate: the audio

  1. Margaret Bozik

    While it sounds more like water gushing to me, it could be neither – just the sound of the usual rubbish coming out of Joyce’s mouth.

  2. Greg Angelo

    There might have been garbage but there was no truck.

  3. denise allen

    Hilarious…..definitely the loo flushing away the garbage…..

  4. David Matthews

    Could’ve been Barnaby’s chances of a ministry being flushed down the gurgler

  5. Mark Whitten

    Hands free? What sort of phone does he have?

  6. Marcus Giles

    Garbled Traffic over a crap low quality radio recording.


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