A new NSW state Newspoll via The Oz comes in with the primaries running 44 (steady)/ 30 (up 4) to the Coalition, washing out into a two party preferred of 57/43 the same way – up 2 for the ALP since the last poll in November/December. The Greens are on 12 (down a whopping 5) while the broad “Others” are on 14 (up 1). This comes from a sample of 1278, giving us an MoE that maxes out around the 2.7% mark.

So while New South Welshman are still apparently wanting to kick the ALP to within an inch of its life next election, it also looks like Keneally might be convincing them to wear some ugg boots in the process, so it wont hurt so much.

The big change here wasn’t so much in the vote, but in the personal metrics of the Premier, with Keneally pulling the satisfaction rate up 7 points to 41, reducing the dissatisfaction by 27 points and lifting the overall net satisfaction up from minus 19 to plus 15. O’Farrell on the other hand remained fairly static, losing 3 points on the satisfaction to 41, dissatisfaction remaining on 30 and the overall net satisfaction sitting on 11 (down 3).

The other movement this week came in the beauty contest that is better premier, with Keneally pulling it up 5 points to 40 while O’Farrell fell 3 points to 31.

You can see the dynamics at play with the usual charts that come in like this:

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NSWnetsatsfeb nswbpfeb