A large amount of prognosticating from all of the political commentators about whether Peter Garrett should go, whether he would go and ultimately whose responsibility it is. Meanwhile Malcolm on Q&A really, really liked his friend Peter, even though he’s the worst Minister since RFX, no he really, really did. The PM dug deep into the "be alert, and a little alarmed" playbook, so well used by his predecessor, to some effect, Stephen Smith jumping into the Top Ten with his ten baddest nations trick, while the increasingly bizarre world of Federal Politics 2010 saw the conservative opposition quite correctly noting that terrorism isn’t actually that much of a threat. I’m not sure if Simon Birmingham will be repeating that line too often though. Bob Brown was the other big improver in the rankings, jumping in to give Peter Garrett a kick over insulation and whales. At least he didn’t say how much he really, really liked him. 100224_top20 Now that the installers have turned on Peter Garrett as well since his decision to shut down the whole program, he had fewer friends on talkback, but it still was far from universal criticism. Meanwhile Tony Abbott keeps up his parity of mentions with Kevin Rudd.



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