Feb 19, 2010

Peter Garrett and the perpetual present of politics

Peter Garrett either should or shouldn't have attended a meeting this week, and should or should roll out solar panels fast, and is or isn't guilty of industrial manslaughter. Welcome to political journalism.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Here’s some examples of our political journalism mired in a sort of “perpetual present” in which what happened two days ago, let alone two years ago, is forgotten.


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90 thoughts on “Peter Garrett and the perpetual present of politics

  1. Most Peculiar Mama

    The insulation scam is GONE.

    Not the act of an innocent man.

    Garrett is guilty of chronic mismanagement and political opportunism.

    His timeis up.

  2. David Sanderson

    The troll strikes early but dreary and predictable.

  3. earnest scribbler

    Sock it to ‘um, mama!

  4. Eponymous

    I thought it was a good idea, possibly (I’m still not convinced) poorly executed.

    As stated, the legacy of having so many more homes insulated and so much more generating capacity will be noticed well beyond the current political timeframe. This long term thinking is worth supporting.

    Would have been a lot better if there hadn’t been any fatalities, but the same can be said of any work place.

    I’ve seen a few commenters bad mouth not just the program, but actual insulation as well. Barnyard Joyce even had a stab. Anyone questioning the value of insulating houses in Australia is so badly informed they’d be better off not talking at all.

  5. Eponymous

    Note too Mama the scheme is not ‘gone’. Starts again on June 1 with different criteria.

  6. abarker

    …Right, and I spose the GFC is Wayne Swan’s fault?

  7. SBH

    It utterly beggars belief that after 1000 words laying out the inconsistent, lazy ham-fisted approach that so many journos take these days the first comment is from numb nuts saying ‘told ya that Garrett was no good’

  8. rowan wilde

    Really Bernard? C’mon, you’re a reasonable guy, You can’t tell me the media has exactly been rigorous in checking everything the Rudd government has said over the last few years. And the media was grabbing every jugular it could during the liberals few years after the election loss re: leadership battles. Didn’t see you howling about that.

    So the media smells a contest in the air, big deal. Maybe there’s something to it all too.

    Along the lines of your article and using the same measure why hasn’t the media gone harder on the Rudd Govt’s commitment to a $43 billion NBN, close to ten times what was originally projected (see Peter Costello’s piece in The Age ‘The Streets of Conroy are paved with gold), without a business plan? Where is the business analysis, why hasn’t the media asked what else could be bought or topped up with $43 billion (if it even has to be that number at all).

  9. jenauthor

    Ahh, MPM, another well-thought-out series of Abbottisms.

    What’s an Abbottism you ask? That’s easy: short unfounded statement characterised by ill-informed falsehood or exaggeration.

  10. raymondchurch

    You fukwit mpm, in your condition you should be put down…I return from vacation to find you STILL trolling your way through blogs…you have no shame troll.

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