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Feb 12, 2010

Greg Hunt and the Wobbegong

A man has been bitten by a shark at Mona Vale beach...




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11 thoughts on “Greg Hunt and the Wobbegong

  1. HB

    as I am ignorant (thanks Myschool) I had to google wobbegong. I note that on the (infallible) Wikipedia site that “Wobbegongs are generally not dangerous unless they are provoked. They have bitten people who accidentally step on them in shallow water; they may also bite scuba divers or snorkellers who poke or touch them, or who block their escape route.”
    The question must be asked – is he (the man) not talking becuase he abused the poor wobbegong??????

  2. HB

    or even because

  3. paddy

    Firstdog, you’re a national living treasure.

    You are hereby appointed to the federal cabinet,
    as Minister for Jumping The Shark. 🙂

  4. Ern Malleys cat

    I fear that shark may be carpeted.

  5. Vicki Grieves


  6. meski

    Garrett’s epitaph will read: “Curses, foiled again!”

  7. JaneShaw

    I still want to see the too rude for publication version

  8. paddy

    [I still want to see the too rude for publication version]
    Me too Jane.
    C’mon FD. That’s what twitpic is for. 🙂 🙂

  9. AR

    Minister Garrett should resign for his failure to ensure that beaches are dangerous… err.. fishyness. It’s our surf after all, we will decide who swims and the circumstances in whic…err.

  10. Chris Johnson

    Can you imagine how the shark felt after getting stepped on while lazing in the warm shallows. And the one up there holidaying off the Whitsundays who gets bonked on the nose for doing what comes naturally? You always see the other side of the story FD!

  11. Mike Jones

    I predict that the comments box will be missing off tomorrow’s toon which (because I am able to see into the future – but only the bit that’s just happened) – lifeguards all over Australia will, laughing uncontrollably, fall out of those high umpire boxes (the ones designed to protect umpires from John Mcenroe spit).

    A less likely juxtaposition of spit, tennis umpires, lifersavers, and sharks with mobile sms devices ? I don’t hink so…..


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