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Feb 10, 2010



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28 thoughts on “First Dog reveals Sample NAPLAN Questions

  1. Chris Owens

    It would be appreciated if you could also supply the answers.

  2. Walter Slurry

    This is brillaint First Dog. I have not laughed so much since I saw Piers Ackerman in a flannalette shirt on the Insiders last year. Very very funny…

  3. JamesH

    Even More Fantasticker Than Ever!

  4. Tobias Ziegler

    Very handy, First Dog. If my youngest can’t get 4 out of 4 on this I’m moving her to a different school.

  5. Keith is not my real name

    Andrew Blot?

  6. Jack Brown

    Totally awesomeo.

  7. paddy

    There’s only one slack moll around here.
    That’s the one that likes to wag its tail, draw funny pictures and bark a lot. 🙂 🙂

  8. meski

    pants adjective: inadequate, displeasing, or of poor quality. Possible origin: underwear, called “pants” in Britain.

    Both Abbott and COstello^H Joyce are therefore pants.

  9. Sophie Black


  10. michael matusik

    FD, i am more impressed that you were the 4th item in today’s crikey daily mail – is that a personal best? keep striving for the number one spot, cheers MM

  11. Ern Malleys cat

    Thanks for the advance notice First Dog.
    I gave the test to some of the littlies here at Difford-Tilbrook School for Cats in an attempt to give them a leg up and improve our school rating.
    Unfortunately the only response was to wee on Barnaby Joyce.

  12. Northern Quoll

    First Dog, you remain the reason I subscribe to Crikey.
    Truly brilliant.
    Forward this to new Ed. for pay rise.

  13. deccles

    I really object to the Cookie Monster (or is it a Black and White Elmo?) being represented as Lord Monckton. Why couldn’t FDOTM have used Oscar the Grouch?

  14. quollsteeth

    Don’t stop there FD! Do it to me again!
    Ditto Dasyurus hallucatus,

  15. David

    Ern Malleys Cat, you slay me 🙂 what a great play companion for Mr First Dog

  16. Venise Alstergren

    This quiz bears an uncanny resemblance to the questionnaire that John Howard drew up to frighten away potential migrants.

    1 Who is our head of state?

    2. Who is our foot of state?

    3 Who was Donald Bradman? A tennis player? A football player? A jockey?

    4 Oops Who was Sir Donald Bradman

    5 Howard’s astonishing attempt to have future Australians know about the Oz invention, The Stump Jump Plough.

  17. John

    Classic FDOTM.
    I rate it 7.5 Moncktons

  18. Mike Jones

    Dog, Sometimes I judge your cartoons by the “In-the-Shit-o-meter”.

    Namely I laugh so loudly and my boss knows I ain’t working. She comes in and blasts me for having such a good time.

    Maybe I should divorce her.

    Ern Malley’s Cat – a big tin of Fisherman’s Basket Whiskas for you, buddy !

  19. Stevo the Working Twistie

    Why you use Cookie Monster as loony man? Cookie Monster VERY mad.

  20. Jackson

    Your molestation of the language is only surpassed by your incredible wit, good looks
    and your ability to turn a can of Pedigree Pal into a three course meal.

    What time dinner …. ?

  21. Venise Alstergren

    PADDY: I thought a moll was a Yank expression meaning a gangster’s mistress? Please advise me where I got it wrong.

  22. Tom McLoughlin

    Oh, so it’s not Kevin ‘science’ Rudd meant ironically given his support for smashing Tas and other forests, but Kevin ‘sincere’ Rudd now. That reminds me of the Dancing Dog Cafe in Footscray. Only spinning ….

    Anyhow Woy Woy RSL are suitably amused, and John and Belinda at Iguanas are appreciative of the tribal gesture. They say keep up the good work (which is a worry).

    And train from Queanbeyan to Melbourne? Mmm, that’s confusing. Oh okay change from the Canberra to Sydney line at Goulburn for the Sydney Melbourne line. Tricky pooch.

  23. Vicki Grieves

    Andrew Blot? Andrew? blot him out….
    There is so much cleverableness here that I dont know where to begin……you should be No 1 Dog!

  24. paddy

    Venise, “slack moll” covers a far wider litany of sins, than merely being a gangster’s mistress these days.
    It’s a wonderful term that’s neither gender, or even species specific.

    Indeed, I’ve even heard it applied to those who lust hopelessly after powerfoxes, or (God forbid)……Unicorns. 🙂

  25. Aron

    Firstdog, you are on FIRE! ROFLOL.

  26. rukidnao

    Are you kidding? After all the faux-rage sceptics have been able to generate over the left-wing making fun of Monckton’s eye-condition you a) think it’s funny to do so, b) intelligent commentary to do so, and c) doesn’t show you to be a goggly-headed weirdo obsessed with clinical disorders instead of policy?

  27. Venise Alstergren

    For the devastating logic of question three I vote FD to replace our incumbent PM, Kevin Rudd, with ‘his Fullness the honourable member for Wit, Cur Canine Ultimus,
    FDOTM. Olé


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