Here is a table summarising the data gathered as a result of my request to freelancers to tell me what they were paid by different publications. For more on the results, my wrap up is here, and a compilation of quotes is here.

Publication Rate per word Rate per piece Comments


Sydney Morning Herald and The Age

(general and op ed copy)

0-$1 a word

(Normally around 65c)

Some authors are paid nothing. “Names” get up to $1 a word. Average seems to be around .60c a word with a number of writers saying it is not hard to push editors up to .75c a word
Epicure (The Age) 50c Reprints in the Sydney Morning Herald paid another .15c per word
Fairfax broadsheet travel supplements 50-65c
Canberra Times $150 for 850 word op ed Hasn’t changed for ten years.
Sunday Age 50c
Age blogs $200 for entry of about 600 words
Traveller Magazine 75c or higher
National Times zero zero


The Australian (Health section) .70c
The Australian (Review Section) 65c
Weekend Australian Magazine 70c-$1 60c
The Punch 0 0 The Punch has told some writers that it will pay “once it has good advertising revenue”.
Sun Herald (General and op ed) 50c
Sunday News Ltd papers $250 for 800 words; $800 if story runs in all 5 Sunday papers.
Body and Soul (insert in News Ltd papers) 70c
Escape (insert in News Ltd papers) $800 per 1000 word story if used nationally.  $300 per state.


West Australian $175 for articles under 500 words, and $200 for articles above 500 words


ABC The Drum/Unleashed $200 Lobbyists, politicians and academics not paid
ABC Science Online, Health Online etc 30-75c $140 for a 400 word story, double for longer pieces.


Good Health 80c Prefer to take material on spec. Usually works out but can be risky.
Wheels Magazine 75c
House and Garden 75c Columnists used to get $1 a word but this was recently cut to the normal word rate.
Wondertime 70c
Fernwood Magazine (ACP) 65c

* Other freelancers report that 50c a word is standard for most ACP Titles, and some report that they are paid $250 for articles of up to 1500 words.


Home Beautiful (Pacific Publications) 70-85c Well known writers have been paid as much as $1 a word.


Readers Digest $1-$1.20 Very fussy on the editing
G Magazine

(Eco Consumer Title)

Reed Business Magazines

(Australian Mining, Pharmacy News)

YL Your Life Choices Magazine 40c
Medical Observer (weekly paper for GPs) 70c Pay only on published words, no matter what the commissioned length
Law Society Journal 60c
Practical Parenting Magazine 50c
Yaffa Publishing (Digital Photography and Design, Capture) 45c
TNT Backpackers Magazine 25c
Australian Worker Magazine 75c
Luxury Travel Magazine (Gadfly Media) 60c
Edge Custom Media (various titles including Cruise Passenger Magazine) 50c
Delicious Magazine 65c Pays expenses!
Virgin Inflight Magazine 65c Recently dropped from 70c without explanation
Get Up and Go Magazine 40c
Holidays for Couples Magazine 40c
Scientific American (USA based) $1.50
New Scientist Magazine

(UK  based)

(UK) .45p
Marie Clair Up to $1
Qantas Magazine 75c-$1 Highest rates are for  specialist writers.
Handyman Magazine (Readers Digest) 60c-80c Expect author to source pics
My Child 50c Commisison big stories of 2000 words plus, often low research jobs written in first person.
Country Style Magazine 65c
Limelight Magazine $600 for a 1200 word story with photos
Vacation and Travel Magazine $500 per 1500 words story with pics
Outback magazine $350 per page, including photos


Eureka Street

(Jesuit Publications)

$200 flat rate for articles

$100 for book reviews

The Monthly $1 Point of pride that all writers are paid this flat rate – but hard to get in to.
Inside Story

(Online journal published by Institute for Social Research, Swinburne University of Technology)

50c-75c “decent and satisfactory” Online publication, but some material republished in Canberra Times. 0 to $200 per piece. Some regular contributors on retainers. Some Crikey bloggers paid bonuses on site traffic.
Griffith Review $0-$1 Sliding scale, depending on depth of research required.  Academics etc paid less or not at all.

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