The local press has been full of “Are Australians racist?” op-eds over the past few weeks, as debate over the country’s treatment of Indian students and workers intensifies.

And the issue of “curry bashing” is just as popular amongst pundits in India. You probably read about the 10-page “Why do Aussies hate us?” feature in Outlook India, but here is what else the country’s commentators have been saying:

Ravi Bajpai, The Hindu Business Line: Calling a truce down under

The Indian wants respect for his/her nation’s new found economic growth and its ancient civilisation while the common Australian begrudges this economic growth of some Third World country and lampoons what is perceived as decayed cultural practices.

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Dinesh Kumar, The Tribune, Terror down under

Neither is it uncommon for Indian students to smell, stare at people, to speak loudly, flash gadgets such as cell phones and embark or disembark from public transport with little consideration to their fellow passengers…

Ashutosh Misra, Indian Express: Pause for Oz

I cannot speak for all Indians in Australia, but personally, since I and my family migrated to Australia in 2007 I never faced racism.

Tarun Vijay, Times of India: Failed Gods

Indians are welcome as money providers to their educational industry but not as equally respected humans.