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Feb 4, 2010

Barnaby Joyce - A Beautiful Mind

Today Barnaby will articulate how to expedience financially.



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20 thoughts on “Barnaby Joyce – A Beautiful Mind

  1. acannon

    I quite fancy the idea of date scones running the country.

  2. HB

    it all makes perfect sense to me now

  3. Aron

    This is so funny, I love you Firstdog!

  4. Keith is not my real name

    I don’t know about a Date Scone, to me he’s just a Date

  5. Greig White

    Love your work, FD, but shurely Barney should be a Pumpkin Scone?

  6. paddy

    Dear Mr Onthemoon.
    We Australian spermatozoa……
    Who are about to die ….Salute you. 🙂

  7. chinda63

    I want a t-shirt with the last frame on it

  8. Stevo the Working Twistie

    No Greig, definitely date.
    Date = bottom
    Scone = head
    ergo B. Joyce = Date Scone = Arse Hat

    FirstDog semiotics 101.

  9. Vicki Grieves

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHA …..This is so extraordinarily TRUE!!!! How insightful of you Mr FD

  10. Vicki Grieves

    And, the date scone is uncommonly in the shape of a Cane Toad………nice reference to Queensland there!

  11. Carol Bruce

    Absolutely love your tag for Krudd – Sexless Robot – how fitting!

  12. beckchanock

    This is a bit eerie. I was breakfasting this morning with my parents, eating date scones, remarking what an idiot Barnaby Joyce is. And we discussed Tony Abbot. You’ve pretty much captured the whole scene.

  13. David

    But Mr First Dog, I feel you have fallen head over tail for a Monk. Scorned by a bow wow I’m decastated

  14. chinda63

    Every time I look at Mr Spermy it gives me the giggles and the creeps in equal measure.

    Surely that means something …

  15. Venise Alstergren

    OMG This is the first time anything arithmetical has actually made any sense to me!

    Might I be bold enough to remind readers of a certain ‘Our Lady of Skonce’ (QLD, where else?)aka Lady Flo of husband Joh (Bjelke Petersen) who mercilessly thrust her little fart makers into the clammy claws of visiting illuminé . President LBJ must have received one.

    I’m told when used as sinkers they were most effective, especially the rock ones.

  16. Jenny


  17. Christine Johnson

    Is this Barnaby’s high or low phase? Anyway Rudd’s seemingly rattled by Phoney Tony and Mr Date Scone as both appear to refresh the PM’s memories of his deep north roots. And please FD I know he’s sending out smouldering smug looks but TA isn’t spermy – just spewy.

  18. Mike Jones

    I’m worried that Tony is to Kevin what Mr Spermy is to Mr Sock. I

    In the pic he looks like he’s about to show us something quite alarming, but strangely enjoyable (Jenny excluded)

    Stevo the Working Twistie has added the requisite yellow dust and the whole thing does my scone in.

    AAA grade tooning, FDOM !

  19. gillyp

    HAHA I can’t stop laughing.

  20. wyane

    in the beginning, there was the date: ( ! )
    Ctrl+A ; Delete


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