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Feb 4, 2010

ACA and NSW Police digging a hole over fake hoon story

Nine's A Current Affair has been forced into an embarrassing backdown over a "hoon driver" story, after Crikey Andrew Crook — Former <em>Crikey</em> Senior Journalist

Andrew Crook

Former Crikey Senior Journalist

Nine network flagship A Current Affair has been forced into an embarrassing backdown over its public pleas to “track down” an alleged hoon driver it already knew the identity of, claiming it wanted to give the driver a chance to “explain” himself.




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24 thoughts on “ACA and NSW Police digging a hole over fake hoon story

  1. meski

    Everytime I read an article about ACA of late I am saddened by what it has degenerated into.

  2. SusieQ

    As I said in a post about the earlier story, why the heck do people still watch these types of programs??? I am constantly astounded when I see the ratings figures at the numbers watching – please explain!!!

    Oh, and I look forward to the next edition of this absurdity….there must be more to come!!!!

  3. Greg Angelo

    Exploitative duplicity

  4. Greg Angelo

    The exploitative duplicity of the commercial channels is exceeded only by the moronic insensibility of their viewing public. One redeeming feature of the audiences is that their sensibilities are probably numbed by mindless repetition of crap advertising. The producers of these programs have no shame in their rush to the bottom and are rapidly approaching the shamelessness of politicians as obfuscation and misrepresentation is the order of the day.

  5. Jean

    Back in the 60s a friend of mine wrote half a dozen hippie-drug-shock articles, with his scruffy mates posing for the photos, and sold them to the old Truth (!!!) newspaper to use on slow news days.
    Why criticise a grand tradition? The media today is no more a vehicle for truth than Truth was 🙂

  6. stephen martin

    I thought that the original Crikey story stated that the road used by Arena had been closed for his high speed run.

  7. meski

    It was implied that it had been closed, whether it had been officially closed, or just by parking cars across the road to block traffic, wasn’t entirely clear. Hard to see the police, with their attitude, giving permission.

  8. Blair Martin

    Whether it is old style “Truth” newspaper (cough) journalism (god, what a read that used to be!) or why many Australians have no idea that the mindless drivel they watch is actually mindless drivel, the (cough) best part about the follow-up is the idiocy of Acting Superintendent Dave Evans making on the record remarks about criminal charges, prosecution, sentencing and time “behind bars”. What an absolute fool.

  9. ty_webb

    ACA has turned into the champion of gutter journalism. Stories that range from “12 months ago i was broke and a single mother of 3, now I own $1M of property” to “my next door neighbours house is a rubbish tip” to “carlo the hoon driver” illustrate my assertion. ACA is merely a visual media continuation of the Herald Sun, the Advertiser etc etc. ugghhhhh.

  10. bakerboy

    Top Gear didn’t finish ‘months ago’ on SBS – it was on last week!

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