Today, the Australian Electoral Commission has released political party funding data for the 2008/09 financial year. It can be seen in all its searchable glory over here. Let us know if you find anything interesting.

To wet the whistle, if we look at just those companies that donated to both the Federal ALP and the Federal Coalition, not all had been donating equally (click to expand).


I’ve also listed the total value of all receipts for each party, and the number of donations above $10,900 – the threshold for which donations cease to be effectively anonymous.

Not stopping there, today we also have the release of Swan’s version of the intergeneration report, titled : Australia to 2050: Future Challenges . It should pop up here about 12:30 AEDT over here somewhere.

If you’re into important economic stats, today also sees the release of the ABS measure of house prices in the eight capital cities.

Tomorrow of course we have Parliament starting – join us on twitter for the fun and games in real time. (Speaking of which, if anyone wants to understand what this twitter business is about for political tragics, give me a yell in comments – if there’s enough people interested in getting into the whole thing but have no idea where to start or what the point of it all is, we’ll run a post on it, walk you through it and set you up.)

Also tomorrow we have the release of the Coalition’s new climate change policy as well as a meeting of the Reserve Bank board to determine whether interest rates stay the same or get nudged up – the results of both will be a key themes in Parliament this week.

On Thursday we have the retail trade figures for December released, as well as building approvals for the same month – both giving us a look at the wash out of different aspects of the stimulus package.

Add to that an Essential Report today, a Newspoll tomorrow and a Morgan due Thu/Fri  and we have a flat out week of politics.

Welcome to the election year folks – it starts now.

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