The UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change faced a fresh round of criticism in the British media over the weekend, with revelations of more spurious sources and that its chief, Rajendra Pachauri, may have known about the false claims before Copenhagen.

The big stories

Times: Climate chief was told of false glacier claims before Copenhagen

The chairman of the leading climate change watchdog was informed that claims about melting Himalayan glaciers were false before the Copenhagen summit, The Times has learnt.

Telegraph: UN climate change panel based claims on student dissertation and magazine article

The United Nations’ expert panel on climate change based claims about ice disappearing from the world’s mountain tops on a student’s dissertation and an article in a mountaineering magazine.

Sunday Times: UN climate panel shamed by bogus rainforest claim

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) said in its 2007 benchmark report that even a slight change in rainfall could see swathes of the rainforest rapidly replaced by savanna grassland.

The source for its claim was a report from WWF, an environmental pressure group, which was authored by two green activists.

Guardian: Ed Miliband declares war on climate change sceptics

In an exclusive interview with the Observer, [UK climate secretary] Miliband spoke out for the first time about last month’s revelations that climate scientists had withheld and covered up information and the apology made by the influential UN climate body, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), which admitted it had exaggerated claims about the melting of Himalayan glaciers.

The op-eds

Bob Ward, Guardian: ‘Disastergate’ is an excuse for IPCC critics to dig up old academic rows

What is clear is that it would be wrong to think of this as another mistake by climate researchers. In fact it looks more like a blatant attempt to dig up an old academic row in order to create the impression of an IPCC under siege.

Editorial, Times: Bad science needs good scrutiny

The IPCC’s evidence on the physical science is extensively peer-reviewed and remains largely intact. But when scientists allow claims from pressure groups into the public arena, without checking the evidence, they let themselves and everybody else down.

Editorial, Telegraph: We need facts, not spin, in the climate debate

… the IPCC has lost both its objectivity and the trust of the public. That is one of the main reasons why we, along with our sister newspaper The Daily Telegraph, believe that Rajendra Pachauri, the IPCC’s chairman, should step down.

Christopher Booker, Telegraph: Amazongate: new evidence of the IPCC’s failures

Bereft of scientific or moral authority, the most expensive show the world has ever seen may soon be nearing its end.