Osama Bin Laden, a murderer who shows no concern for human lives, has suddenly condemned America’s climate change policy as too weak. His plan, it seems, is to de-rail any US climate bill that may emerge by driving the wedge even deeper between those who want action on climate change, and those who don’t.

De-railing US climate action would of course maintain the stranglehold of oil over the US economy. This keeps money flowing in the direction of Bin Laden.

As a terrorist who has already caused chaos and destruction, imagine Bin Laden’s excitement at the thought of a climate-changed world. He doesn’t care about protecting human lives; but rather destroying them. Global South countries, where terrorists recruit from the most marginalised people, are already being hit hard by climate change. It will get even worse as climate change worsens – more droughts, extreme weather events, sea level-rise, crop failure and famine. This creates rich pickings for Bin Laden’s recruiters.

Bin Laden’s statement causes rifts across the world, allows some conservative commentators to lump climate activists in the same boat as Bin Laden, and takes the debate on climate change backwards.

This week we heard that in the USA, wind power had increased by 39%, bad news for people who want America to remain reliant on oil.

Osama Bin Laden is a terrorist: let it be known that climate activists in Australia condemn his comments and refuse to be aligned with his words or ideology. It’s ridiculous to suggest that Bin Laden is an environmentalist; he shows no regard for the human species or any other. No-one needs Bin Laden on their side.