Jan 28, 2010

Scientists, the IPCC wants you

Nomination to the IPCC process is an invitation for public smears, threats and routine attacks on your credibility -- not by your peers, but by newspaper columnists, bloggers and conspiracy theorists.

Bernard Keane — Politics editor

Bernard Keane

Politics editor

Last week the Federal Department of Climate Change advertised for Australian nominees for “Coordinating Lead Author, Lead Author and Review Editor roles” for the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report:


The Government is seeking nominations from relevant scientists to participate in what the IPCC says is a “demanding” five-year process of establishing the best estimates of the trajectory, impacts and capacity for mitigation of and adaptation to climate change.

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56 thoughts on “Scientists, the IPCC wants you

  1. John Pye

    “Pitman, unfortunately, has got off relatively lightly.” ???

  2. Evan Beaver

    I made the mistake of checking out a post on Bolt’s blog, where one of the commenters had found that job ad.

    They were VERY EXCITED to realise that the job required Top Secret security clearance. This was further evidence of the conspiracy! What are they hiding! I tried pointing out that, well, it’s pretty standard for anyone handling Cabinet documents to be Top Secret vetted. My comment was not published.

  3. Most Peculiar Mama

    Nice strawman Bernard.

    You’re still deathly quiet on the IPCC-endorsed fabrication and publication of glacial melting data.

    More cherries perhaps?

  4. Gary Johnson

    Sooner or later Conspiracy Deniers are going to have to accept it, that what is mostly coined conspiracy “theory” … is actually just a nuant and slight deviation from the facts.

  5. Tom McLoughlin

    Kilimanjaro disappearing, north west passage opening up, Greenland farming, 50 year upward trend in global temperatures, Prof Hansen, NASA, increased ocean acidity, increased rate of ocean rise. Earlier spring thaw in Europe. Snow machines in Australia.

    Bring on the creationist nutcases. They make Pittman et al look like Leonardo Da Vinci by comparison.

  6. Most Peculiar Mama

    Three years ago Pitman and his ‘climate’ cohort Matthew England at UNSW advocated a patently ridiculous 50 per cent reduction in carbon emissions by 2050.

    Both apocalyptic doomsayers gravely lamented that “many millions of people will be at risk from extreme events such as heatwaves, drought, floods and storms”.

    Instead – as if Glaciergate wasn’t bad enough – the IPCC has been caught out AGAIN with its 2007 Fourth Assessment report in claiming that global warming was leading to an increase in extreme weather, such as hurricanes and floods.

    The data was simply made up…although later enthusiastically seized on by ‘climate economist’ Sir Nicholas Stern who susbsequently advocated a wholesale transfer of wealth from the First to the Third World as penance for the gross materialistic overindulgences wrought by Western Civilisation.

    Within Pitman’s area of expertise, the IPCC wasted no time in endorsing the dire and non-peer-reviewed assessment (by the ‘climate experts’ at the WWF no less) on the destruction of the Amazon rainforest by catastrophic climate change.

    No such data exists. Zip. Maybe Andy can shed some light here?

    Was Pitman part of the peer-review process that allowed these unsubstantiated and erroneous conclusions to “slip through” in the 2007 report he was a lead author on?

    The IPCC is run by crooks, liars and charlatans…headed by an academically-challenged former railroad engineer who knows bupkis about climate.

    To be a lead author on a new paper from such a moral and ethically bankrupt organisation as the IPCC would be considered career suicide.

    No wonder Pitman has decided to pass this time.

  7. Evan Beaver

    What a load of horse crap Mama.

    You spend lines bagging someone for unsubstantiated claims, yet open with a doozy yourself. What expertise do you posess to profess that a 50 percent reduction in carbon emissions within 40 years is patently ridiculous? You’re a renewable energy and networks engineer then are you? Electrical engineer? Town Planner? Interested nut case?

  8. Most Peculiar Mama

    “…What expertise do you posess to profess that a 50 percent reduction in carbon emissions within 40 years is patently ridiculous?…”

    Show us how it will be done Evan.

    Penny wants 5% by 2020.

    Use that as your starting place.

    BTW, the BRICs are not part of the “reduction” plan.

    Your time starts now.

  9. JamesK

    Oh those poor Rudd approved scientists such as Professor David Karoly and Professor Andy Pitman who will only be smeared by nasty sceptics funded by evil coal.

    Good job Rudd can fund them to the tune of hundreds of thousands and millions of public taxed dollars.

    So I fund people like David Karoly and Andy Pitman who I believe are much more activists than scientists.

    ‘Tuff sh1t ignoramus’ is apparently is apparently the attitude of progressive elitists like Bern-independent-news-can-only-really-be-provided-by-non-commercial media-Keane’s thinkin’.

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