Italian ambassador Amanda Vanstone shows those aesthetically challenged Italians what Aussie taste is all about:


L’Ambasciatore Amanda Vanstone e tutto lo staff dell’Ambasciata d’Australia a Roma sono lieti di porgerLe i loro migliori saluti in occasione della festa nazionale australiana.

Ambassador Amanda Vanstone and all the staff of the Australian Embassy in Rome send you their best wishes on the occasion of Australia Day.

Which high-profile Sydney corporate lawyer was seen getting a ticket from a policeman in an unmarked Holden Commodore in Ocean Street, Double Bay at 6.50 am today? The lawyer, who alighted from his upmarket BMW, was quite calm, belying his reputation for being “angry”. Good to see our fearless plods spare no one and no suburb in their ceaseless search for revenues. The lawyer was lucky, double demerit points loss for offences finished in NSW at midnight last night.

CEO Julia Davison will leave WorkCoverSA and is tipped to replace Greg Tweedly as the role of CEO for Victoria WorkCover.