The Winners: Nine News topped the lot with 1.276 million, thanks to having the cricket as a lead in. Seven News was second with 1.268 million, thanks to having the tennis as a lead in. The night session of the cricket was third with 1.084 million from 6.30pm. The game seemed over by 7 pm. The day session of the cricket averaged 863,000, the night session of the tennis averaged 839,000. Ten’s movie, Inside Man averaged 891,000 and beat the tennis. Lucky Miles on the ABC at 8.30pm averaged 519,999, which is probably far more than the number of people who watched the movie in cinemas.

The Losers: With tennis and cricket on, non sports fans were losers, as usual in summer at this time.

News & CA: Nine News won Sydney, Melbourne and drew Adelaide with Seven News. Seven News won Brisbane, Perth and had that half share of Adelaide. The 7pm ABC News averaged 878,000. Ten News averaged 569,000. SBS News at 6.30pm 142,000. Weekend Sunrise on Seven, 304,000, Weekend Today on Nine 245,000.

The Stats: Nine won with a 6pm to midnight All People combined overnight share of share of 29.1% from Seven with 27.4%, Ten with 23.5%, the ABC with 14.8% and SBS on 5.2%. Nine won the combined battles in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Adelaide, Seven won Perth. Seven’s main channel had more viewers in Melbourne and Brisbane.

With Pay TV included (and its myriad channels of more than 100, 83 of which are directly measured), Nine win with a combined overnight share of 22.8%, from Seven with 21.5%, Pay TV with 18.9%, Ten with 18.4%, the ABC with 11.6% and SBS on 4.1%. FTA’s 11 channels had a share of 81.1% to Pay’s 18.9%.

Digitally: A win to Nine’s GO with 3.3%, with the main channel on 25.8%. 7TWO was second with 2.4% (Seven’s main channel was on 25.0%). ABC2 was on 1.1% (ABC1, 13.3%, and ABC3 on 0.4%. Ten’s ONE, 0.9%, Ten’s main channel, 22.6%. SBS TWO, 0.3%, SBS ONE, 4.8%.

Glenn Dyer’s comments: Last week, Seven won the combined and the main channel overnight audience battles. Nine’s Go was the most watched of the Digital free to air channels from 6 pm to midnight in all people. Fusion Strategy of Sydney pointed out that in the 16 to 54 age group (which cover the major demos), Nine had more viewers than Seven. Seven won all five metro markets in All People.

A winning Australian cricket team will always beat an average day at the tennis, especially if there are no Australians playing. That what happened last night, with the result Nine won the night, sort of. In fact Nine win because of a strong result in Sydney. In Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, Seven’s tennis and other programs beat Nine’s main channel. Seeing the cricket was played in Sydney, that was sort of appropriate. Because the tennis is in Melbourne, it is doing better there than the cricket. There won’t be a ODI in Melbourne against Pakistan, two are scheduled against the West Indies next month.

Tonight it will be very different. Lleyton Hewitt shapes up against Roger Federer, from 7.30 pm (home and Away is back). During the day Sam Stouser plays Serena Williams. Channel Seven’s tournament might end today.

TONIGHT: Tennis on Seven. Top Gear has gone from SBS, Mythbusters are back at 7.30pm. Repeats and not so hot programs elsewhere. Not much elsewhere. Maybe the Matilda Candidate on the ABC at 8.30 pm: it’s a doco.

TOMORROW: Tennis on Seven, One Day cricket on Nine from Adelaide, not much on elsewhere if you don’t like summer sport. Perhaps The US version of The Office on Ten, and The 7pm Project.

Source: OzTAM, TV Networks reports

Peter Fray

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