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Jan 22, 2010

Oz day spoiler: ABC leaks Hottest 100 victor

Ooops: the ABC has inadvertently leaked the winner of its popular annual poll on the ABC Shop website. Look away now if you don't want to ruin your Australia Day BBQ.

Sorry to ruin your Triple J Hottest 100 BBQs folks, but it seems the ABC has inadvertently leaked the winner of its popular annual poll on the ABC Shop website.

The spiel promotes the February edition of its flagship JMag rag. Look away now if you don’t want to know which UK nu-folk quartet emerges triumphant.


Crikey left a message for Triple J Marketing Coordinator Gerry Bull just before deadline, but we didn’t hear back.

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52 thoughts on “Oz day spoiler: ABC leaks Hottest 100 victor

  1. abarker

    Is this for real? Or a hoax? We’re running a pool at our BBQ and I need to know!

  2. marshall hughes

    This is very disappointing. I thought I was the only Crikey reader who also listened to JJJ…

  3. beckchanock

    I can’t believe you printed this, how could I not look?

  4. Hamish Coffee

    $1.50 at Sportingbet.

  5. regina

    gah! i don’t care if the abc shop made a mistake and published the winner. it really sucks bigtime that you did this. seriously, who looks away?

  6. Grinder

    Seriously, is there anyone who didn’t expect this song to win? Must have been shortest odds ever.

  7. EddyAl

    that ruins “bogan day” at my local beach

    really mumble and sons. Sure its a fine toon but what ever has become of 2JJ that a folk song won (again). Sounds like the crew at babyboomer sydney 702 are running the show. -time to pronounce a media jihad on baby boomer tastes..

    saving my soft flesh on my pectoral muscle for my southern cross tattoo for another year

  8. shepherdmarilyn

    The second divine female folkie for the year died this week. Mary Travers and Kate McGarrigle were two of the very best for decades.

    I bet none of the people in this year’s 100 will have sung at the March on Washington in 1963 when Martin Luther King gave “that” speech, but Mary Travers did.

  9. abarker

    Out of our 3 choices, I was going to call Hilltop Hoods – Chase the feeling, Muse – Uprising and Lily Allen – It’s not fair. With the BDO fast approaching and these artists featuring I figured it was worth a good shot. Now I’ve got the inside lane!

  10. jtin

    Now ABC News Online is reporting this from their front page —

    Nothing like independent news and radio arms!

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