Welcome to Slide Night at Back in a Bit. Sit back, relax and get ready to travel far away from your desk and your sore computer eyes as we share our favourite travel snaps and the quirky stories behind them.

Kicking off this new series is Sally Johnson, direct marketing manager at Intrepid Travel, who, along with her photographer husband, runs Melbourne-based photography business Dally Street.

Varanasi, India (click to enlarge)
Varanasi, India (click to enlarge)

Shot using: Canon EOS 1 , Fuji Velvia 100ASA Transparency film

Sally writes: On my first ever trip to India in my early 20s I was at times overwhelmed by the colour and chaos of the streets. I have a clear memory of eventually finding some personal peace with all that I was witnessing, on an early morning boat trip on the Ganges in Varanasi.

Though hundreds and hundreds of locals bathing in holy water is not what I usually wake up to in my own hometown, the ritualistic nature of human beings going about their daily business was stunning in its simplicity.

Suddenly shy to lift my camera to photograph the crowds, I sat there is wonder as we pulled up alongside an old brightly coloured houseboat. A heavily painted Sadu popped out to collect water and we met eyes for a moment. I snapped a quick photo that forever reminds me of coming to see through the differences, to appreciate the human spirit of India.

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