As previously mentioned, Bob McMullan will be moving to a safe job in academia or an overseas posting. One wonders again why Peter Conway has been approached by the PM’s office to run for the seat, given the age demographic of Canberra, in an endeavour to combat strong criticism about CSS Retirees and DFRB issues.

A women’s health NGO is again using a recruitment agency to advertise for a policy officer — the fourth one in less than two years.  In that time they have also been through two health promotion staff, two accounts/admin officers, two library staff and about five temporary project or research staff.  This is an organisation with only about 10 positions.  The only constants are the CEO and her two managers.

About half the board members resigned at last year’s AGM.  Clearly they don’t want to stand by and watch the way staff are chewed up and spat out — but is anyone else paying attention?  Like maybe the Department that funds them?  A scandalous waste of taxpayers’ money.

Re. The “tip” in yesterday’s Crikey about international student enrolments being up this intake.  This may be true in some instances, but that is largely because many international students accept six months (or more) before  the intake to allow enough time for visa processing. I work in international student recruitment and since the increase in the dollar and the Indian student attacks, inquiries have been steadily dropping.  Deferrals have gone way up as students struggle to find ways to finance their study.  This will start to have an impact on enrolments around the mid-year 2010 or first semester 2011 intakes.

Did the Victorian Police Commissioner make an illegal U-turn? From today’s Melbourne ABC 774 with Jon Faine.

Things are tough in recruitment in one major aid organisation in a major northern Australian city. Despite receiving the follow criticism during a job interview, the candidate was still employed.

Panel member number 1:

  • Very unhappy lady
  • Answered all questions with few word answers
  • Presented quiet rudely
  • All questions and answers revolved around money.

Panel member number 2

  • A very unhappy lady who was abrupt in all questions — to the point of being rude!
  • Only seemed to care about money.

Just demonstrates how hard it is to get good candidates in a town that has been brain drained.