What Linda Silmaris of the Sunday Telegraph describes as “the first major poll since (Kristina Keneally) became leader” (last month’s Newspoll survey was partly conducted on Nathan Rees’s watch) finds NSW Labor in familiar dire straits, trailing the Coalition 29 per cent to 43 per cent on the primary vote and 56-44 on two-party preferred. The Greens are on 15 per cent, up six points on the 2007 election. For all that, Kristina Keneally’s personal ratings are remarkably robust: she leads Barry O’Farrell as preferred premier 42 per cent to 34 per cent, 45 per cent are satisfied with her against 25 per cent dissatisfied, 73 per cent (including “more than 70 per cent of polled Coalition supporters”) think her likeable, and only 5 per cent say she should wear the blame when Labor is defeated next March. The survey was conducted on Wednesday and Thursday from the usual Galaxy sample of 800.

UPDATE: Antony Green observes intriguing congruity between Nathan Rees’s first poll results and Kristina Keneally’s.