Jan 13, 2010

Labor Senator Kate Lundy speaks out against mandatory internet censorship

At least one member of the federal government stands opposed to mandatory internet censorship -- and she's prepared to fight for it.

Jason Whittaker — Former <em>Crikey</em> editor and publisher

Jason Whittaker

Former Crikey editor and publisher

At least one member of the federal government stands opposed to mandatory internet censorship, with Senator Kate Lundy pushing the Minister for an “opt-out” alternative from the online blacklist.

But Lundy says she has “a job cut out for me” lobbying colleagues before legislation is introduced to parliament next month. The former Labor front-bencher and passionate advocate for open IT has told Crikey she believes “the majority of caucus” wants a mandatory filter in place.

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5 thoughts on “Labor Senator Kate Lundy speaks out against mandatory internet censorship

  1. Perry Gretton

    If a compulsory filter is the worst option, an opt-out filter is the next least worst, as it stigmatises those who choose to opt out. A far better option would be opt-in.

    Why doesn’t Senator Conroy trust the Australian public to choose wisely?

  2. Greg Angelo

    This proposal is the thin end of the wedge for censorship of any media content that “Big Brother” decides is not for our general consumption. This infrastructure will facilitate censorship of any topic at the whim of any government bureaucrat or politician with access to the point of control. If you want an example of how this censorship power is misused look at North Korea, China, Myanmar and Malaysia to nominate for examples . Just imagine Tony Abbott as the “Chief Information Minister” as the head of the “Ministry of Truth” (Apologies to George Orwell).

    Some 50 years ago narrow bigoted religious minded individuals were trying to stop us from reading Lady Chatterley’s Lover, and it took a tremendous amount of public backlash and protest for this censorship problem to be resolved. The situation we have now is even more pernicious. Secret lists of topics and subjects will be proscribed, at the push of a bureaucratic button, without any recourse as you will not know what you are not allowed to see. Topics such as euthanasia in relation to which politicians pander to right-wing lunatics could easily be suppressed without our knowledge.

    Whilst ostensibly these controls are designed to control internet pornography, it is more likely that this is a more pernicious project to control the political landscape in terms of discussion, and to allow the government to pander to conservative right-wing interest groups.

    Nothing short of a complete and open disclosure of the banned information will ensure that these proposed controls are being used for the appropriate purposes. It should be necessary to get a Supreme Court judge to issue a formal Court order in relation to the banning of the information, and for this information published in the daily law lists, with the opportunity for objectors to be heard.

    However as it is reasonably well-known that porn freaks and geeks are able to get around these controls one is forced to the inescapable conclusion that these people are not the prime target, but that this is an excuse to allow corrupt politicians to control the information landscape. The recent response from Sen Conroy’s office does nothing to dispel any concerns in relation to potential political censorship.

  3. John james

    Why dont you seek the views of parents with kids using the internet for school projects/research whom porn sites carefully target with links for their young and unsuspecting readership to the libertarians Nirvana?
    Hilarious to see Lundy in this role. She is the boofhead Labor Senator who signed off on a press release, issued from the PM’s office, denouncing Tony Abbotts suggestion that the Bible should be included in any anthology of Western Cultures ‘Great Literary Works’.
    In a hilarious gaffe, she publicly rebuked Kevin Rudd for having the temerity to try and inflict his religious beliefs on the general community.
    The thing Rudd was actually inflicting on everyone was his double standard. Often calculatingly photographed leaving a Sunday church service, the PM cloaked this ‘cheap shot’ by getting Lundy to act as point guard.

  4. Jillian Blackall

    John, it’s interesting that you mention tactics like getting Lundy to act as point guard. The book ‘God under Howard’ by Marion Maddox describes similar tactics that were used by Howard.

  5. Cry Freedom

    Cannot agree more with Greg

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