Here I am, worried about being scooped by spotters who have apparently sprung a V Australia 777-200LR under assembly in Everett when my email sends me a set of pix under the heading, the true 789.

Hell, the 787-9 is the hottest topic around. The Dreamliner version that Qantas wants so badly it has been promised delivery by mid 2013, five months before launch customer Air NZ gets its first one.

So I click the attachment with trembling hand, thinking this will really get up Geoffrey Thomas’s nostrils and…..


My gosh. I worshipped the dirt kicked up by those few classic Chevy’s that made it to Sydney in the 50s. I used to open the National Geographic Magazine every month just to fantasise over the immaculate art work of the Chevrolet ads. (This was shortly before I flicked quickly to the latest NGS anthropo-pornography spread of naked tribal nubian beauties…those where the days when the ONLY naked women were in, um, educational publications.)

Anyhow, behold the Chevy 789, made by N2A (Never Two Alike) custom autos. They are apparently doing a run of 100 of these. I don’t even dare google the price.

This is the front of a 57 Chevy, a side like a 58 Chevy, and a rear, damn, such a rear, like a 59 Chevy, all mounted on a Corvette C6 chassis.


This is the car. This is the one that some adorable lady and I will drive out to Spaceport America, for that rocket ride to space on Virgin Galactic. In my dreams.