So KFC has come under fire for it’s latest advertisement featuring “Mick” who, besides screwing up the classic catches segment by putting in his favourite catches of all time, is shown handing a West Indies crowd a bucket of chicken to shut them up.


As Mediabisto‘s Kiran Aditham writes:

Here, a flustered white guy gets out of an “awkward situation”–which in this case appears to mean being stuck in a crowd of happy, cheering black people at a sporting event–by ordering in fried chicken.

Storm in a chicken bucket?

I’m not sure.

What I am sure about is that the ads are terrible. Actually most cricket ads are terrible. Dammit, why can’t someone make a decent cricket ad!?

Ponting and Swiss Multivites, Ponting and Rexona, anything with Michael Clarke, anything with Shane Warne and can someone tell Mike Hussey (I love you though Mr Cricket) that he CAN’T ACT!

But the good news for KFC is that they are not the worst ads in cricket.

That award surely goes to Cadbury:


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Peter Fray
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