We are now in a new decade, the 2010s.

Alright, so you may be of the ‘but a decade doesn’t start until 2011’ school of thought. Too bad, because I think the rest of the world has decided it is a new decade, and thank god, cause the noughties were getting a little old. But at least “the noughties” had a witty little moniker (though apparently many in the US dubbed them the ‘aughts‘. This name is best forgotten.)

But does this decade actually have a name yet?

I have two suggestions. One, the twenty-tens. Or 2010s if you’re more numerical. My other suggestion is ‘the tenners’.

Alright, so neither exactly roll off the tongue, but they are far less offensive than some other suggestions I’ve heard (and Googled) such as:

– the tenties

– the teenties

– the tens

– the teens

– the tennies

– the teenies

– the onesies

– the twenty-teens

– the two thousand and tens

– the tens of twenty

– the one-ders

– the tenners

Obviously there is a discrepancy over whether it should be a decade of teens or tens.

The more I think about, ‘onesies’ might be a wonderful name for a decade. Mainly because you’d always think of this:


Another thing: is this year pronounced twenty-ten or two thousand and ten? While we’ve gone the two thousand, two thousand and one… etc route so far this century, I really feel like that time has ended.

So what are you calling it?

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